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An Open Letter to His Excellency President Barack Obama

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 6, 2009

Your Excellency:

Allow me the singular honour to say Akwaba! (Welcome) in advance of your historic visit to “Black Africa.” I applaud you for standing by Africa in the midst of the seeming encircling gloom and the fog of Afro-pessimism that hang over the continent.

As you make this monumental trip to your ancestral continent, I would like to make the following humble suggestions to you in this open letter.

Charles Quist-Adade

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to His Excellency President Barack Obama”

  1. Kofi said

    You must be commended for your thoughtful and well written letter to President Obama. The concerns expressed are shared by all true Ghanaians. You are a true Ghanaian. I suggest you send a copy to the US Dept of State, African Desk.
    May God bless you.

  2. Patricia said

    I think this is the concern of the educated people in Africa, but the common sense is another one completeley different. I was in Accra as a volunteer, and they do not wanted to learn how to fish, the majority of the people only were interested in the money you can gave them.
    I agree with you, but this is the opinion of a very small portion of the society.

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