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Hawkers bouncing back onto the streets

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 6, 2009

Hawkers who are being driven off the streets are said to be gradually returning onto the streets and pavements of the capital.  Joy News reporter David Youngs visited some streets in the capital and reported the authorities are struggling to deal with the situation.  At the Tudu, CMB, the Rawlings Circle, and the Tema Station areas – all in the central business district of Accra – police, fire and prison officers as well as AMA city guards are still struggling to check the hawkers off the streets.

One Response to “Hawkers bouncing back onto the streets”

  1. These women are the cause of chocked gutters and our dirty environment in the market. They sell in the streets and on the pavements so they leave all their rubbish at the same place when they close. But those in the stores have people to take the rubbish away every day and it makes sense to me so they have to forget about politics and think of making Ghana a better home.

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