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Memo to President Obama

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 14, 2009

Re: What You Should Tell Ghanaians and Africans

Thank you Mr. President for the honor done my motherland by making it your first destination on your “homecoming” trip to your ancestral continent since you became the first Black President of the United States of America. The biggest and loudest Kpanlogo and fontonfrom drums will pipe you and First Lady Michelle to a rapturous AKWAABA. The cheers would be thunderous and the smiles that will greet you brighter than the glow of a full moon.

Kofi Aduhene

3 Responses to “Memo to President Obama”

  1. Pamela said

    It appeared that he followed some of your recommendations. A wise man!
    God bless the wonderful Ghanaians that I met during my visit to Accra in May of this year.

  2. Jojo said

    Who the hell is this clown who thinks that Obama has got nothing better to do but to come to Ghana to tell our President and us the people what he the clown and his kinsfolk should be telling our President ourselves or better still, to tell ourselves to sort out our own problems. I really do not even know why all of a sudden people think that President (Mr U-turn) Obama, who like our own whimsical President Mills, does not seem to be able to keep his word, will be able to perform wonders for America and the Black people of the world. All his speeches clearly demonstrated that the man is a coconut (white inside black outside). All his perceptions are similar to those of global imperialism. Fancy him telling us to stop incessant conflicts. Tell him that when America stops randomly picking on everyone with false accusations, bombards them out of existence and then closes its more than 500 military bases dotted around the world, perhaps there will be less conflicts in Africa and the rest of the world. Imagine! he was even defending the African Command set up by America (George Bush) “to defend Africa”. The impudence. And lastly instead of praising the man to the high heavens for doing what, I do not know, they should educate him that until very recently almost all the coups d’etat in Africa were sponsored by his own America so he should stop lecturing us on the need to avoid coups.

  3. Mark Varvel said

    Dear Mr. Kofi Aduhene,
    I am from America and am interested in helping someone in your country that has contacted me. I am somewhat reserve about it because of so many stories of wrong doing like this. I don’t know what if any help you can be, but I am sincere and will pursue this until I am satisfied that there is indeed a person or not by the name and story I am hearing can be verified. I also do not want any disgrace or anything like that to happen if indeed I am able to help. Let me know if u can minimally help with some verification. my e-mail has been recorded to send you this post and so get back with me as soon as possible for there is a timetable to deal with. Thank yop and I hope to meet you someday and personally thank you. Sincerely, Mark

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