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Obama speaks, Africa listens

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 14, 2009

US President Barack Obama, on his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa since taking office, has said Africa must take charge of its own destiny in the world. Mr Obama told parliament in Ghana during a one-day stay that good governance was vital for development. Major challenges awaited Africans in the new century, he said, but vowed that the US would help the continent. The US president’s trip came at the end of a summit of eight of the world’s most powerful nations, held in Italy. Ghana was chosen as the destination for the president’s visit because of its strong democratic record. After his speech, Mr Obama headed to Cape Coast Castle, a seaside fortress converted to the slave trade by the British in the 17th Century. He was accompanied by his wife, Michelle, a descendant of African slaves, and both of his young daughters.

One Response to “Obama speaks, Africa listens”

  1. Not only does africa need strong institutions but also strong men and women who lead th institutions. One cannot do without the other, mr. President.
    For example, usa has strong institutions; they are led by strong men and women like you and the first lady or other strong women.

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