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Barack Obama and African mindset

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 14, 2009

s various editorialists and commentators throughout Africa have analyzed the substance of US President Barack Obama’s Accra policy statement on Africa on July 12 wasn’t new. What was new was Obama’s metaphysics, the bold unto-your-face manner, the ambience, the level of confidence, the psychological import, and the attempts to hit home a new mindset for Africa’s development.

That one of the key stumbling blocks of Africa’s progress is its mindset is unarguable. And Obama set to knock off the self-immolation, inferiority complex and finger-pointing. To let Africa face its problems head-on Obama didn’t promise huge monies as George Bush and Bill Clinton had done earlier. Obama has thorough grasp of the African situation (his father being victim) and he played brutally into it unemotionally, using his own refinement against all odds that saw him become the first African-American president of the United States.

Kofi Akosah Sarpong

6 Responses to “Barack Obama and African mindset”

  1. We expect Unity,Two heads better than one, honesty and integrity from our leaders. Be good servants for the people but not tin gods.

  2. Abormenya said

    i’m glad and proud to be a’s not easy to get ex leaders to get together like this. God bless Ghana.

  3. KKoffi said

    I will not bother myself to finish reading your piece, but this is the African problem, we love handouts..its time we learn how to fish for ourselves and stop acting like beggars..
    What is wrong with you people? How long are we going live like this….
    Africa is the richest continent on earth my friends, its about time we start thinking and stop de begging man…

  4. Nii said

    These are serious times. No time to laugh.

  5. Paula said

    Who wrote this article; it’s not signed. What a waste of words. Were you paid for this, you should give the money back. It’s true history has it’s place, for us to learn from it; not to be dictated by it.

  6. DJ said

    Welcome to the 21st Century!

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