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Former minister son shot

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 14, 2009

Armed men in uniform from the Ghana Police Service on Saturday opened fire on Kwesi Osei, a pre-med student and first born of Kofi Osei-Ameyaw, former MP for Asuogyaman and ex-deputy Minister of Tourism.  The firing saw a live-bullet piercing through the right thigh of Kwesi Osei and shredding some substantial amount of flesh, with his trousers and shoes getting soaked in blood as he sprawled in agonized semi-consciousness struggling to stay alive.

5 Responses to “Former minister son shot”

  1. You want people to come to invest in Ghana and look what is going. Can’t we all get along MPP, NDC?

  2. Mama said

    This is ridiculous, is this true, did this really happened in Ghana. Where is the country Ghana heading to.

  3. NDC said

    The NDC will kill anyone (they killed judges, women, children, etc). They are on the path of vengence and no one is immune

  4. Golda said

    oh Ghana!

  5. Mey said

    We pray for your speedy recovery.Thank God he spared your life.

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