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Results of our opinion poll, July 1, 2009

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 14, 2009

These results are the opinions of Readers of Ghana News Monthly newspaper and its related website, They DO NOT represent the views of Ghanaians in general. Reader’s views were solicited between July 1 and July 12, 2009. We received 247 responses.

Sydney Casely-Hayford


One Response to “Results of our opinion poll, July 1, 2009”

  1. I have a very strong conviction that the country can only be rescued with the cooperation of the Diaspora. Living conditions should be improved to entice them to return, or invest with bothe money and knowledge.
    There is more of what it takes outside the country, than there is in there now. During the days of earlier African revolutionaries in Europe & US, the scope of learning or subjects of study was very limited. Today, Ghanaians alone are everywhere including Space Exploration. Financial standing of those in the Diaspora today is significant in the Ghana economy through remittaces to families. (I have deviated from the topic, but I feel strongly about what can be done for the better, than your qustions.

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