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The Business of Faith

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 14, 2009

The Church business is probably the fastest-growing business in Ghana today.

All over Accra, huge church buildings are going up to serve as homes to growing churches and to bear silent witness to how much money preachers can summon from our suffering masses. Today, as in the days gone by, our religious leaders have a lot of sway in our lives.

To illustrate this, let me remind you of something that happened in an Accra court last week. According to a Ghana News Agency report, one Boatema had been involved in a business transaction that had led to accusations of her pocketing, or in her case, tying some other peoples’ money at the end of her “ntoma”. According to the GNA, “When the case was called, Boatema resurfaced but could hardly walk. Pastor Ovia who accompanied her to court said Boatema was receiving prayers and treatment at his church…”.

Arthur Kobina Kennedy


2 Responses to “The Business of Faith”

  1. Sayeed said

    Excellent article- but i do not think that this is objectively written, as the writer makes excessive generalisation about his own opinions on faith.

  2. I could not agree with you more!
    Only some of the Bishops and Prophets you mention to be relied on to give council, I WOULD NOT TOUCH WITH A BARGE POLE. I know them, I have belonged to their congregation; they don’t even think of soft drinks for refreshment for the little children, or the very elderly members after a prolonged sunday church service, mostly miles away from their own homes.
    Caring for the simple needs of the people, that’s where I start from!

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