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Back door bride scam, Ghanaian Lawyer Nkrumah-Boateng snagged

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 14, 2009

A GREEDY pair of lawyers are flooding Britain with illegal immigrants – by flogging them bogus European brides at £12,000 a time.  But their sham marriage scam is about to end up ON THE ROCKS now the News of the World has stepped in. And Samrhan Iqbal and his pal, who offered our undercover reporter a wife, could soon be hearing police sirens instead of wedding bells. For his £12,000 fee, solicitor Iqbal was also willing to supply all paperwork for the marriage and permit to stay, plus advice on how to fool immigration authorities.


2 Responses to “Back door bride scam, Ghanaian Lawyer Nkrumah-Boateng snagged”

  1. John Smith said

    So what is your paper trying to achieve? Well, I donot necessarily agree with wrong doing but there is far greater injustice from mutinational corpaoration mining African resources and yet exporting guns instead of jobs and technology to africa. This ia another example of targeting the poor and disadvanteged who are only trying to make a living. I recommend that you and your staff go read the book ” Economic Hitmen” and set your priorites right.

  2. This is sick and degrades all the genuine lawyers and professionals who work hard to help really vulnerable people…..shame on them they should be locked up!

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