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Don’t push us to the wall, else!

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 14, 2009

The government of Ghana has expressed its disappointment in the Fast Track Division of an Accra High Court’s ruling which demands that the former foreign minister; Mr. Osei Adjei’s passport should be given to him. The Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Ebo Oduro who expressed the government’s feeling on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ morning show revealed that they will appeal against the court ruling. According to him, government is unhappy and disagrees with the court ruling. He described the court’s judgment as “undue process” and cautioned it not to push them “to the wall” or else, they may adopt certain strict measures to deal with issues like Mr. Osei Adjei’s case. He was reacting to the court’s demands yesterday, that the BNI should release Mr. Osei Adjei’s passport to him. Mr. Osei Adjei sued the BNI for seizing his passport when they invited him to answer questions concerning the importation of rice during the NPP regime. The court ruled that it is against his fundamental right so his passport should be given to him. But the deputy Attorney General says the court decision is dangerous to the country’s democracy.


One Response to “Don’t push us to the wall, else!”

  1. The Deputy AG. should realise that he is threatning the courts to give decisions the Government wants. The Courts are the only backbone the ordinary citizen has to defend and protect the rights enshrined in the contstitution of Ghana.
    A right to a pasport is one of the fundamental human rights which every Ghanian has to enable him or her to move frelly in and out of the country.
    The AG must ensure every Ghanain enjoys the freedoms he/she is entitled to.

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