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Lamptey Mills Granted Bail

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 14, 2009

The owner and proprietor of Great Lamptey Mills Institute, Enoch Nii Lamptey Mills, arrested for allegedly impregnating a 16-year old former student of his school, has been granted bail. 

He has been formerly charged with forcibly marrying a minor and failing to take responsibility as a father. 

Public Relations Director at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit, Chief Inspector Irene Oppong told Joy News on Monday police are now holding up the parents of the teenager.

He is alleged to have performed the marriage rites to make his 16-year-old victim his wife, after impregnating the girl who was then a student of Great Lamptey Mills Senior High School at Kasoa. 


One Response to “Lamptey Mills Granted Bail”

  1. Now this one is new to me. 18 years? The issue of not forcing is understandable but placing marriageable age at 18 with or without parental consent and refusing parental consent to a maariage of a girl at age 18, is unacceptable based on our traditions. So far as the girl was not forced into the relationship, we should not take parental consent out. Now let’s turn this. What about if the male was less than 18 and impregnated an 18 year old girl and decided to work to support the family, are we going to say NO? If the answer is the opposite, we have a discriminatory law that applies inconsistently. He should be made to pay child support but first insist on the DNA. If he is the father, he needs to fulfill all the obligations he promised for marriage and also take care of his child, if he does not want to marrry her, until the child and mother get out of college. My two pesewas!

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