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NDC Killer Charged

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 14, 2009

KWASI ADU (above), the 22-year-old suspected killer who was busted by the police in a bedroom of the Sakumono residence of the Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, has been remanded in prison custody by a Sunyani District Magistrate Court. The suspected killer is to re-appear in court on September 15 with the second accused, Kwabena Noah, who is still being sought after by the police. The two have been slapped with conspiracy and murder charges.


2 Responses to “NDC Killer Charged”

  1. Kweku said

    The youth of this day and age in Ghana are crazy. i don’t blame them much but this NPP AND NDC will one day bring trouble to our beloved country.
    i think our youth should desist from this corrupt politicians. this ” the boys of NPP and the boys of NDC” IS KILLING THE YOUTH and just look at a young 22 year guy who have full life a head of him going to jail for the rest of his life because he followed some corrupt and an arrogant politician. please young people dont follow this people they will rig your life. they should let their family follow them because those are the people they will spend their illicit and corrupt money with.


  2. Kofi Sakyi said

    Who the hell does Eric Opoku think Ghanaians are, Stupid? Just listen to him say that “someone had tricked him(the killer-suspect) to hide in my bedroom/bathroom to frame me”. How ridiculous! Eric Opoku needs to be arrested and charged with the suspect. He is a former MP for the area and the brain behind all the brutalities metted out to NPP sympathizers by NDC supporters in the District. His actions has cost the infant District a fortune. I hope the District will learn from this incidence

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