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Religion, Politics and Ethnicity Pt 1

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 14, 2009

The big question is demographically-speaking how does one define the word “Muslim”? Muslim does not denote an ethnic group; neither does it define a political entity. It is supposed to represent practitioners of the religion of Islam. But the world over “Muslim” has come to represent something more than that. The President of the United States found it necessary to make a major policy speech particularly directed at Muslims. Under what specific definition or usage of the word “Muslim” did that event take place? Are we going to have a similar speech for Christians and for that matter Buddhists and Hindus and all the other religious sects? Why were “Muslims” singled out? When did the name “Muslim” transform from being religious to becoming political?

Yaw Opare Asamoah


One Response to “Religion, Politics and Ethnicity Pt 1”

  1. Shareef said

    This is an interesting articla. Maybe you can help educate me. Can you please tell me of what evidence you have that Arabs took slaves from Ghana and other West African countries? Also, list the tribes that experience the slave taking from the Arabs.


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