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Nkrumah in Retrospect

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 20, 2009

Next week, it will be a hundred years since Nkrumah was born. So many years after his birth, the Osagyefo excites more passion and disagreement, by far, than any of his contemporaries. Some say he is the Greatest Ghanaian— maybe African ever. Others see him as a wicked tyrant who blew our nation’s opportunity to be the first truly successful African country and was therefore justly overthrown. Before looking at the great man and his legacy, let me dispose of a few myths and inconsistencies out there.

First, it is ironic that some in our country condemn in strong terms the overthrow of Nkrumah and the CPP in 1966 while they staged and or support the 31st December coup that overthrew the CPP’s successor, the PNP. While people of goodwill may disagree on whether the 1966 coup was justified or not, it defies imagination for one to be against the 1966 coup while being for the 1981 coup.

Arthur Kobina Kennedy


6 Responses to “Nkrumah in Retrospect”

  1. Your article is very well Written.

    What are these excesses i keep hearing about? i just hear legitimate, necessary avenues of infrastructure that may not have seemed necessary at the time, but whose contributions are more than appreciated today.

    Secondly, i counter your anology with the a common anology in the US: its like a child who tries to open a jar but cannot, he then asks his mother for help who then succeeds at opening the jar, but then the child responds by saying “well, i loosened it for you”! Nkrumah was helped by his predecessors…no dispute there. its just that he was the only one to actually “Win” or “Succeed” at gaining independence, and for that he deserves the recognition.

    Thanks so much for the enlightenment otherwise. very good article!

  2. A brilliant and well researched article with historical information for the youth of our motherland.

  3. I knew Kwame Nkrumah, and met him in person on many ocassions. I admired him down to earth. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I left Ghana two and a half years after Indepence for Britain, and was away for ten years. Even though I read a lot about what went on in Ghana during that period, I never witnessed any of the ‘hardships’ felt by Ghanaians which resulted in his rejection and the subsequent planning of his overthrow, and with the assistance of Britain and the United Staes of America, eventually carrying it out so successfully.
    This is only to introduce myself, because I feel strongly that if I had remained in Ghana at the time I COULD HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS HIS PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER,(if he needed one apart from the Information Services Photoraphic Dept.) and eventually travelled with him anywhere he went.

    My only comment is that I have NEVER heard or read any article recently so Contructive as this. Mr. Arthur Kennedy must be in his teens during the period in question but he has certainly pointed THE WAY FORWARD, and that is exactly what we need today as Ghanaians.

    Honestly, there are only very few of us, if at all who can be so …….CONTRUCTIVE is the only word that comes to mind.

  4. A ramblings of a politically sick person in the name of Arthur Kennedy. When the UP/NPP Matemehu bomb-throwers were eager to kill him, he had no option left than to resort to deal with them sternly.

  5. Ray said

    Nkrumah’s tyrannical tendencies was the act of the UGCC opposition members. What were the alternatives he has in a primodial institutions at that time? Is life not kill or be killed?

  6. Your article could have achieved the desired result if you had told us the reasons for the PDA,why Danquah and Obetsebi were arrested and detained, and the declaration of a one party state. Though I don’t support all above but let us be fair and not paint the picture as if Nkrumah was just a happy and a willing person to commit “attrocities”. Why should a men who were “respected” be involved in causing trouble and murdering innocent people not be prevented from causing further harm by detaining them? Bring out the facts and don’t be economic with the facts.

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