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US Pedophile General was framed?

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 20, 2009

Joe Aboagye Debrah of 1st Law Legal Practitioners, counsel for the retired American Two Star General of the United States Air Force, James Kellim, has said that the attempt by the Police Intelligence Professional Standards (PIPS) Unit of the Ghana Police Service to portray his client as a criminal was a ploy to truncate a criminal case pending against a Ghanaian hotel operator, Patience Boateng.  The lady, who is believed to be in her mid-40s, is alleged to have taken advantage of the friendliness of the General to steal various sums of money amounting to $57,000 from his accounts with his visa card which Kellim gave her while he was in Ghana for a visit.

The General was therefore released unconditionally on the very day he was arrested- September 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “US Pedophile General was framed?”

  1. What about the alleged video evidence? What about the kids involved?

  2. What kind of country are we budding this time around. These criminals are becoming sophisticated with the help of our security forces. Why do you publish a report in the newspaper when you have not completed investigations? Heads need to turn. Somebody needs to loose their job on this. Anything less would not be acceptable.

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