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Police close down Aliu Mahama radio station

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 21, 2009

The police in Tamale have closed down a local radio station owned by the former vice-president Alhaji Aliu Mahama for broadcasting a press conference held by the regent of Dagbon.  The North Star Radio was closed down by armed policemen immediately after it aired live, the press conference. Panelists, security persons and other staff of the station were also arrested. Manager of the radio station, Mr Sule Salifu told Joy News he received a call saying the Northern Regional Police Commander, ACP John A. Awuni had instructed that the station be closed down.


One Response to “Police close down Aliu Mahama radio station”

  1. What is wrong with Ghana? Are we again in a police state? Do we have an executive order banning live broadcast from the Ya Na or his representative. Can the government or its security forces issue a fiat against one person? This is outright nonsense. This is not eh freedom of the press and media we received under the Kuffour government. We need more for the betterment of our comuunities not less, as is the case anytime the NDC is in power. This action is illegal and needs to be corrected immediately

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