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Zita vows to produce audio evidence in Asabee case

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 21, 2009

Two former officials of the Information Ministry are challenging claims by sector minister Zita Okaikwoi that they opposed a contract awarded by her predecessor for the renovation of the ministry.  The ministry’s former Acting Chief Director, Mr Dominic Aloysius Yaw Sampong, and its former Director of Finance and Administration, Mr Kwabena Denkyira, said the minister’s assertions were untrue. But at her second appearance in court on Thursday as a prosecution witness, Mrs. Okaikwoi insisted she would provide proof to back her claims.

One Response to “Zita vows to produce audio evidence in Asabee case”

  1. No, suggesting that it has serious implications for working relations does not cut it. Unless, an individual was informed that his conversation or a meeting is being recorded, if that is not the practice, that recording should be suppressed. Counsel’s should not allow those recordings even if provided because they cannot authenticate the custodians of the recording and whether the tapes had been tampered with. Who has the tapes and what is the custodial chain before it got to the court. People’s rights should not be trampled even if they are perceived to be criminals.

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