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A Guide To Corruption (4). President Mills Cannot and Will Not Do This!

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 28, 2009

You can read all about the Mabey and Johnson judgment from the leading websites on Ghana. Each carries the story and details what I said in an earlier breaking news alert of August 7th. At the time, I wrote about the impending implosion and chronicled the history of the Mabey and Johnson bribery of NDC executives in another Guide to Corruption. Since then we have waited patiently for September 25th and this is just the beginning. I will dare to suggest that President Mills will make a show of investigating the issues involved and former President JJ Rawlings will pretend that all this happened under his nose and he knew nothing of it, even though his senior cabinet ministers were in the thick of it, and so was his wife.

President Mills has allegedly asked the Attorney General Betty Mould Iddrissu to investigate the Mabey and Johnson case in Ghana and spare no one found guilty of the offences established by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.

Sydney Casely-Hayford

5 Responses to “A Guide To Corruption (4). President Mills Cannot and Will Not Do This!”

  1. Good job, but does it stop only with the NDC? We need to expose both sides. It is when it is one sided then it becomes ” I plead my Party” Now is the time to clean house PERIOD

  2. Kobena said

    Rawlings is just a common armed robber! It simply beats the understanding of decent Ghanaians how some Ghanaians still follow the crook as smoe kind of saviour.

  3. Strangely enough no Ghanaian journalist or newspaper has given such in depth analysis of the case. In much the same manner, no Ghanaian newspaper or journalist in Ghana was able to comment analytically on the SFO report on those Rawlings ministers who were implicated in corrupt practices. The Awhoi brothers are now kingpins in the ruling government. What happened to the several billions they took from the bank for their cocoa buying business? Don’t forget Kwamena was the chief vetting officer who put several Ghanaians with lesser infractions into jail, many of who are still missing.
    If Mills was the head of the economic planning team that sold off many of the industries, some of which were “bought” by Mrs. Rawlings why would he want to prosecute others now? What about Ghana at 40? The questions are many and Mills’ answers are important. God bless Ghana.

  4. Adowa said

    Sydney, Prez Mills has already cut his nose to spite his own nose by giving appointments to convicted thieves!

  5. Seems as if the NDC’s past indiscretions have come back to bite them. Let’s hope Prof. Mills is serious about prosecuting the culprits!

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