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Critical News, 8th August 2010

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 9, 2010

Finally, NDC put the STX deal to bed.  Came at the expense of the Ghanaian voters, who put the NPP parliamentarians in office to debate issues on their behalf, only to find that they walk out of most critical discussions.  The NPP “honourables” have still not got the tactic of filibustering an issue and allowing time to work with them.  They walked out of the final debate in parliament because they could not meet the Speaker’s one hour imposition for final review of the housing deal.  Poor show, they can do better in my opinion!  Now the contract has been passed and all we have to do is wait to see how Government proceeds to build the 30,000 houses for security personnel.  All they could do was wish the Koreans “good luck with this one”

Did you read the critical news bulletin of 25th July?  I said Nana Addo would win the nomination.  I also said privately (to my mother) that he would get about 75,000 votes.  He got more than that.  No need for me to go over the story, it is old news already. Ghana moves fast these days, I tell you!  And the NPP announced it is ready for the 2012 elections.

Following it from home with dyed-in-the-wool NPP supporters, t’was all we could do than jump for joy as the elections went ahead smoothly with no incident whatsoever.  Constituency after constituency came through very clearly, with Nana Addo increasing his margin with every count.  Being neutral myself, I claimed victory for democracy in Ghana and Africa and soaked in the atmosphere of another trend-setting historical event by Ghana.  I just love the pace of development and freedom of speech we now have.  If only the streets were without potholes, the polythene bags eliminated, the gutters de-silted, the Korle lagoon clean and smelling like a river, the traffic regulated and the dust eliminated etc. I would say Ghana is the best place now.  But alas!

Anyway, Nana won a resounding victory and for once, I did not cringe at the grammar and the diction of a presidential speech.  Whew!

What was with Alan Kyerematen winning decisively in the Volta Region?  I need a political analyst.  By the way, I heard one of those on Citi Fm this morning.  Boy, take me back to 6th form and crude debates.  Bernard (the anchor) had to work hard to get a decent thread out of him.  Damn!  I sighed a sigh of relief when that ended.

Ah, the NDC foot soldiers were at it again, turning out DCE’s and locking people up in their offices.  This time they wanted some cars and other stuff, can’t even remember.  Anyway, they have exhausted their political capital and the IGP issued orders to have them all arrested.  It has been quiet since then.

Ok.  Government passed a law to change the 4-year term of the SHS school year back to 3 years.  Parents didn’t say a word.  Some head teachers protested, but that was about it.  Doubtless, an NPP government will come and change it back.  Felt like the days when Acheampong closed the universities down for 2 years.  Those kids are going to come out less than slightly intelligent if this continues.  Worse than our generation. No logic to the decision, except it was a campaign promise.  Oh well.

The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (remember they are the cause of Ato Kwamena Dadzie’s fear and panic Damocles sword) put a 300,000 home building proposal to the Government to consider.  But they said it had nothing in common and not in competition with the STX deal.  Strange since they asked for all the same concessions offered to the Koreans.  I will do a summary of the report soon.  Just got a copy this afternoon.  Hard copy though, not soft copy.  Makes it a little more difficult on the typing fingers.

You must have read my piece on NDC, Lying With The Truth.  Interesting, even though I say so myself.

So the week ended.  Next week has already kicked off with the NDC planning to outdo the NPP’s election process and Ursula Owusu calling Atta Mils the worst ever President in Ghana.  I don’t think so.  Kutu is still my favorite for that title.

Ghana, aha a ye de papa! alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

One Response to “Critical News, 8th August 2010”

  1. Kwabena Asare said

    Indeed “… If only the streets were without potholes, the polythene bags eliminated, the gutters de-silted, the Korle lagoon clean and smelling like a river, the traffic regulated and the dust eliminated etc. I would say Ghana is the best place now. But alas!”
    … And citizens protected from armed robbers, then, alas! Accra is the best place, right?


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