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Critical News, 22nd August 2010

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 23, 2010

There couldn’t have been a better week for democracy in our Ghana, this week.  The NDC party, not the Government, went on public record to state their intention to clean the judge’s benches and served notice to the Chief Justice of her perceived bias in recent rulings by the judiciary.  Following the decision to allow Kwadwo Mpiani and Wereko Brobbey to walk without a recommendation to formally charge them with any offence, the judges explanation of his understanding of the law, so completely baffled both opposing sides that the NPP claimed it as a vindication of their innocence and the NDC took up arms against the law.  The pity of it all is that the NDC party, which has not been able to dissociate itself from the Government, thought they should threaten mayhem and cause fear and panic across board by resurrecting the murder of judges under the (p)NDC, which no adult of voting age in Ghana has forgotten.  We are reminded of this event every time we pass in front of the Courts in Accra.

It was bad enough to have held a press conference to threaten the security of the country, but to come back after the opposition NPP had waded into the statement, the CDD, IDEG GII and other governance-minded institutions had also lambasted the party chairman, some going a far a to call for his arrest, the NDC chairman tried to explain that he had been misunderstood.  Best to read the text of his speech for yourself.  I would think that a teenager would not misunderstand the meaning of the words.  There weren’t many ten-letter words to contend with.  So the party had to back track the statement.  Not very successful.  Many were they who reminded the people of Ghana that this was no idle threat, coming from a group who had done this before.

A day or two later, the Association of Magistrates and Judges (never knew they existed until that morning!) issued a press statement and captured their sentiment in the following paragraph.  “We refuse to be party to any attempt to divide our ranks in the noble institution that gives hope for our dear country.  Politicians will come and go but this time tested institution will remain the bastion of hope for the future of our nation. If history is a lesson to anybody, such utterances as ‘cleansing the judiciary’ or ‘there are several ways to kill a cat’ should not come from the party that begat the Government of the day, which aspires to make this nation a better Ghana.  The remark about Christ’s inability to salvage the perceived bias by judges is rather insensitive and unfortunate and ought not to come from the Honourable Chairman”

Having said this, the judges rested their case and have said nothing more.  The NDC party though, continues to say more as aften as it can, to explain what they said in plain English.

Here is the beauty.  Every democratic leaning voice in the country had a say.  We ended Newsfile on JoyFm without the usual host Kwaku Sakyi Addo, and he will be sorry he could not make it for this one show, because this week has been an epoch making week for the country.  Everything else was irrelevant.  I spoke to my taxi driver friends (that’s where the real news resides) and each one of the fifteen I spoke to was very clear.  “wo mu be tumi aye ebiom – they can do it again”.  If they had any more political capital left, the NDC just impaired the remainder of the asset.

KOSMOS withdrew its offer to ExxonMobil to sell its stake in the Jubilee field.  I think there was a sunset clause in the contract and that time has caught up with them.  I also think the size of the field is getting larger with the discovery of the OWO fields further west of Cape Three Points and KOSMOS are being wise to hold back and not sell now.  But now, we will really know if GNPC can afford to raise the money to buy the KOSMOS stake.

Ah! Yes, an ex-leader of the Methodist church, Reverend Antwi has decided that the NPP is the better party to run the affairs of Ghana.  Big news, but small gain for either political side.

Ghana, aha a ye de papa! alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

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