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Critical News, 29th August 2010

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 29, 2010

Hmm, Christians are very upset this week, when they heard that a group of armed robbers had raided a church after hours and tried to steal cars from the pastors.  Now we hear they are going to make a special petition to the President that Pastors be allowed to bear arms to protect themselves from armed robbers.  Not to protect the Congregation, they are protected by the Holy Spirit and the Pastors have to stay alive to protect them.  Hmmm!

Then Standard & poor downgraded our credit rating from B+ to a B.  No relationship to the above story, but it presents Egya-Atta with a conundrum.  Should he give the Pastors guns, he might create a more unstable economy and we lose the enviable position as one of the safest places on the continent.  We also lose credit rating.  If he does not grant the pastors their wish, he might not get his prayer camp and AGLOW will stop praying for him every month at the Independence Square.  This will make Gifty Afenyi Dadzie very sad.  She had that deep-throated Ashanti voice when she spoke at the Journalists awards night at the Banquet Hall last weekend.  A voice born of deep worship from conjuring the holy spirit down to Accra.  You know, the one that the makes the Ashanti men strip to the chest at Eyiee.

But this week, Deputy Attorney-General Barton Odro accused a High court judge, Mr. Oppong of discussing the Yaa Naa murder case with a woman over drinks.  He claimed a recording from the woman, proving clear evidence of bias by the judge.  So, Judge Oppong asked him to produce the tape, whereupon, he decided to do so when he chose to and not on demand.  Now these days, on-demand radio and video are available anytime on You Tube, but I did not quite see his problem, until I remembered that in Law101 class, this kind of evidence is hearsay and not admissible in court.  Damn!  As I listened to Egbert Faibille and Ursula Owusu tackle Kofi Adams and John Jinapor on Joy Fm Newsfile, Saturday morning, it looks as if the Deputy A-G had bottlenecked himself and filed his notice at the High court rather than at the Supreme court.  Somehow Judge Oppong must have suspected this and recused himself on the grounds that he feared the NDC Chairman more than the A-G’s office.  He asked the CJ to transfer the case from his court to protect his life.

I can’t figure out which is the bigger danger now.  That the Judge has partially admitted to the bias charge or that Kwabena Adjei and the NDC Foot soldiers have really succeeded in placing fear and panic in the bench.

Priscilla, (that’s all you need about her name) came on air to explain to the A-G’s office that by arresting the father of her child, they are jeopardizing her future and putting them under severe stress.  The A-G went after Great Lamptey Mills proprietor, Lamptey-Mills thinking this would be an easy victory for them, so they could buttress the NPP machinery with at least one win.  But Priscilla was to have none of that.  On air, she admitted having a relationship with the head teacher, consensually, and looked forward to more of such until she got pregnant, at 18.  As she turns 21 this year, she sees no reason why the A-G should arrest a man she enjoyed many a time.  They released him!  So, Betty and her team can look forward to a joust with Tarzan Brobbey and Mpiani.  Dare I say this?  They will lose big time.  Wait and see!

Tullow Oil have appointed a Ghanaian to their Group Board, great news.  He lives in the UK someplace and has offices in London.

President Mills arrives back home, talks about his health issues and his doctor (almighty God) and then reassures Ghanaians that he has no intention of meddling with the judiciary.  That, you can rely on.  But he goes a step further and in response to his Akufo Addo derived nickname as Prof. Do-little, he declares, at least he did not call me Prof. Do-Nothing!  Well, you have to give it to the man.  Do little is certainly better than do nothing.  So we continue with the Atiwa by-election on Tuesday.  An NPP stronghold with 20,000+ votes in the last election against NDC’s 7,000+, we might be in for a major upset? The NPP will be glowing with pride come Wednesday morning, says I and Jah.

Oh, lest I forget, The NDC Regional Chairmen say they stand by their Chairman, Kwabena Adjei, disagreeing with the Prof.  Now the NDC are asking for a public debate on the corrupt status of the Judges.  Don’t know who they are going  to debate with.

Ghana, aha a ye de papa! alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

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