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Afriquiyah Airlines ad Human Rights Abuse in Libya

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 19, 2010

By Georgette Djaba, Legal Eagle

Afriquiyah Airlines is owned by the Libyans.  Ghanaians love to fly with that airline because it is probably one of the cheapest from London to Accra and from Accra to London. They advertise extensively on our local radio stations here in London.   My younger brother, Henry Djaba  Junior and his girlfriend went to Tripoli on 4 August 2009 via that airline.  His story is in all the national and local newspapers here in London. If you google his name you will see what I mean.

The last time Ghana International Airlines encountered technical problems with their aircraft and landed in Tripoli, according to reliable sources, they were surrounded by soldiers and treated virtually like animals.

Whilst Henry was in captivity, Afriquiyah crashed upon landing in Tripoli and all aboard except a young boy died.  It is cheap, but is it a safe airline?

Should Ghanaians not protest against injustices by boycotting the airline?  After all, now Virgin, BA, KLM and other airlines are competitive. When are Ghanaians going to revive their own airline and shipping industry?

Ghana has a bilateral trade agreement with Libya. During this time, the Foreign Minister, Alhaji Mumuni went to Libya in May 2010. My mom in her wheel chair had gone to Ghana to see whether they could make representations on Henry’s behalf. They took all the info. plus his photo and to date, we still have not had a reply

from Alhaji whether he saw Henry, whether he was alive and what he had been charged with.  Henry was born in Accra and is a British Ghanaian.  In times of difficulties, our Embassy fell short.  There are several Ghanaians on death row there for trumped up offences including immigration offences. Who cares about those people? As we speak, the Ghanaians have no voice, no advocate. That is why our friend, Danny Pryce wrote that article on my brother’s behalf.  Nothing has changed. On 30 May 2010, 18 Black Africans were executed in Libya.  The International community are turning a blind eye to Human Rights Abuses. Several more are languishing in detention centres.  Someone, somewhere has to do something about this.


One Response to “Afriquiyah Airlines ad Human Rights Abuse in Libya”

  1. Auntie Ama said

    It is disgraceful that our leaders in Africa are pandering to every whim and fancy to a man who came in with a gun over 40 years ago. He calls Black Africans “ignorant bastards” who should be sent back home from Europe and who should remain in Africa. He refers to us as the “Barbarian invasion”. Who is more barbaric? Let us examine the human rights abuses of each African country and see who is more barbaric in their dealings with their own citizens and with foreigners?

    Africa must wake up and protect its citizens from abuse. This leader of a revolution, still thinks that he can revolutionalise the whole world and be president of the world?

    He gives a little of his oil money and expects everyone to kiss his arse? Tofiakwa!!

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