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90 Million Cedis and 90 Votes

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 10, 2011

By Sydney Casely-Hayford,

The first salvo in the “Fonkar-Game” games left a wonderful ring tone with President Mill’s laugh in a history-making recording.  After the Government denied that they even had 90 million cedis to run a competitive campaign, the country exhaled a big sigh of relief and carried on with our bigger challenges.

But what was the Nana Konadu challenge really about?

A few said “Women power”, some said a “Rawlings hegemony” and for Fonkar itself, was it really a serious challenge against a Government they actually believed had lost its way after the 2008 elections?  Was this actually a political in-fight or did the Rawlings’ believe they would win this?  Many sources claim Rawlings would not do this unless he knew he had a more than a 50% chance of electing his wife. Read the rest of this entry »

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