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BVR Minor, 4th Movement. Critical News, 5th May 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 6, 2012

By Sydney Casely-Hayford,

We finished the 4th movement in BVR minor this Saturday 5th May.  Half way in the middle of it all we went an octave higher and started a violent movement in a major city.  Between Ododiodoo and some other places, it was completely overshadowed by the Oman hiplife rap.  Kennedy Agyapong is still on bail and the prosecutors are looking for his docket, lost somewhere between the police, BNI, National Security and the Attorney General’s office.

But all that did not shake Accra.  On Thursday 3rd May, Mr Mahamadu Bawumia, running mate for the NPP presidential candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, (this name needs to be abbreviated) rocked the Physicians and Surgeons hall, flocked by all his peeps from the Muslim community, who occupied the whole top balcony and clearly he could do no wrong.  If the CID had been on target they could have arrested many people for ethnocentric behaviour. Bawumia’s delivery found pockets of political harmony with the crowd and what was supposed to be a lecture in memory of Ferdinand Ayim turned into a political cheer by the flavored favorite son of the NPP.

It was well delivered and covered all the “unprecedented claims” territory.  Inflation as a stable phenomenon, Interest rates that stick at the bottom of the scale, with spreads going higher and higher and a cedi that seems to have no limit to its downward spiralling value.  He even had some mention for the “Dum-so, Dum-so Corporation”

Some of the ones who disagreed with his points of view of course were the NDC financial wiz kids.  Deputy Minister Fiifi Kwetey was at his most belligerent worst on all stations that would host him, engaging in bruising encounters whether you were willing or not.  My favorite discussion though, was when Finance Deputy Seth Tekper waded into the debate and quietly accused Bawumia of being “selective with content”.  You know Mr Tekper is a very polite person.  Interesting point, but I cannot remember any politician climbing a podium to talk about all the wonderful things his opponent is doing or has done in the past.

Clearly Bawumia caused a furore, I could even say a Tsunami.  Where the NDC has been claiming strength in macroeconomic stability and good statistical indicators, the NPP has found in its choice of Vice President candidate, a formidable technical pillar, willing to play their advantage and question the rosy picture with not so rosy opportunities for employment.

Coming on the heels of the TUC’s tongue in cheek address of unprecedented joblessness, it took the NDC team off guard.  Even Tony Aidoo, the grandfather of rabble rousing took a swipe at Bawumia.  “Bawumia is no financial whiz kid” after he had stormed into President Mills’ own record of promises not delivered.  What does T Aidoo do anyway?  I am yet to understand what his role in the castle is meant to deliver.  If they pass the Freedom of Information Bill we might get to request to see some of his stuff.  The Broadcast Bill is also still pending.

Then we waited for Alfred Agbesi Woyome in court again, and yep, as only us idiots did not see it coming, hearing has been postponed to June 4.  Is that not a significant day?

Ah, JJ.  Rumors are he turned the Volta chiefs away from Ridge.  They vehemently denied it and Teye Nyaunor was steadfast that it was the truth.  Someone is lying again.

This 27 year old man stabbed his young pregnant wife and three children to death, tried to hang himself unsuccessfully and was arrested.  Too mush of this is happening in Ghana and I think the Christians have to pray harder.

GLO launched and caused major queues all over the city.  Question is where is their share of the mobile market going to come from?  Some say Tigo will have to make way, others say they might duplicate the upheaval to MTN just as they did in Nigeria. If all that is anything to go by, they might just change the scene.  For me, I did not reserve a 023-3 number and I am just hoping there will be a price war and Efyia and Danny Consumer will get a reprieve from the ridiculous cost of the lousy service we have to live with.

But the Biometric Voter Registration is over and my fingernail is growing fast, the ink is gradually clearing and I will be ready to vote again come December.  The EC estimated 13 million would register.  At last count we had 11 million.  Rumors are that the registration in Volta region is down, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo are up and the Commissioner has no intention of extending the deadline after Saturday.  That bodes ill will for the NDC and good news for the NPP?  One major stride for us now, if the register holds true and we stay orderly and accept whatever end result, that will be another mango in the basket to take to Africa.

In a week or two we should have the final numbers and we will compare this to the census numbers and also to previous year numbers.  Who knows we might find out where the numbers were fiddled in the past.  That would excite me to no end.

Betty Mould is still walking free, but on tippy toes, drawing as little attention as possible to herself and Parliament is yet to stamp its authority on public accounts.

The issues continue as they must and Ghana remains the most challenging and yet exciting place to be in Africa today.  You should see the white people and fellow “Ecowasians” in town and in the Accra Mall (used to be the most expensive place to shop.  No more).

Ah, we made more oil discoveries this past week.  So much Bawumia going on, it did not make the headlines.  Looks like we will double production in the next three years.

Ghana, aha a ye de papa! alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

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