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Ablakwabish, Mills and The Resurrection. Critical News, 1st July 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 1, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I have two “did they hear me’s” this week.  Martin Amidu has taken up personally what they would not allow him to do as Attorney General.  I said a couple of weeks back that Martin must give back to the tax payer through his vigilante crusade, what we paid for him to become a lawyer.  This week, I read his salvo to the Supreme Court, I am still grinding my way through it, but I think the gist of his petition does what the AG should be doing to ensure that Agbesi Woyome is essentially prosecuted to the fullest and is clearly found guilty (paraphrasing mine).  So, I feel vindicated.

When the Supreme Court fixes a date for the hearing, I urge all Ghanaians to make their way to the Court halls and I dare Government to declare a holiday and place large screen TVs out in the gardens for the spill over.  I dare Government.  We will have our own Martin day and the taxpayer’s money will not have been in vain.  Will other “Martins” please stand up?  We need you now.

On Friday 29th June, the Daily Graphic started serializing the report of the Constitution Committee.  Only last week I protested that we taxpayers had spent a whopping $2 million on this report and we do not have the privilege of reading it.  Before I could say Dzigbodi, it was there in print.  I am looking forward to the next sections.  So far, Government seems to be making sense in most of its remarks and I am wondering what Professor (Emeritus) Albert Kodzo Fiadjoe and his team were reading.

I doubt if it was from my piece though, I think they had it ready to go before I finished my article, but I did say it ahead of the release.

This week, if mayhap they hear me again, I am asking that Okudzeto Ablakwa be made redundant.  He does not deserve to be a minister and I cannot think of anywhere else he can be tucked away.  Maybe he can deputise for Koku  Anyidoho, wherever he has been posted.

Bank interest rates are on the rise again and the Governor of the Central Bank has been abandoned by the Minister of Finance and left to his own devises.  And he has some bad tools.  This past week, you are not allowed to draw more than $1,000 in cash from your own account.  I also heard a very vicious rumor that Forex Bereaux services will be restricted, since they have been identified as one of the main sources of foreign currency bleed.

I am just going to say one thing about this.  Mr. Governor, we have been there, seen it, done it, and it failed miserably.  Have you forgotten?  Go back to 1982/83.  Dr. Kwesi Botchway is still alive and he was your boss for a while.  Google him, he will remind you.

President Mills arrived back from the USA and did a very, very important person’s jog to prove his manhood and his power of resurrection.  Not sure whether he was being met by genuine disciples or a mixed bag of well-wishers, detractors and expectant ministers, most of us wondered whether his new state of health or deterioration would answer all the questions and rumors.  Since that jog, our President has made a stop or two, particularly at NDC party headquarters, after which another rumor surfaced.  The Press was not allowed to interview him after they had made disparaging comments about the digital quality of his voice box when he “routinely” came back from the USA, and even without Koku Anyidoho the rest of the NDC propaganda team flexed a bit and outed this pillar of democracy from the premises.

They were later to announce their boycott of the Presidential debates, because in the opinion of the NDC, they smell IEA bias in this election 2012.

But Party Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, more than hinted that the rumor about the President’s health or death might have come from within.  There is a tape recording doing the rounds despite his denial and legal threats.  This will not be a Kofi Adams duplicate.  It stands or falls on his credibility.  It also confirms some of the rumors.

Yet, before we could all settle down to enjoy the Mills return or otherwise, Deputy Minister of Information Okudzeto Ablakwa recounted a vision.  Standing tall on a platform of hearty supporters, he proclaimed that President Mills was the “Chosen One”.  One, who the lord has ordained to rule Ghana.  One, who if insulted, death’s icy hand will drag you six feet under and heap no end of unimaginable torture on you and bring misfortune to party faithful.  The last person I know who spewed more rubbish was the AFRC and PNDC “chaos manufacture specialist” Jerry John Rawlings.  But I was impressed with all the “Ablakwabish” (Ablakwa Rubbish) this week, upending Jerry John in molten drivel.  There could be an interesting revelation here.  Did JJ not anoint then candidate Mills and make him the chosen one for the NDC?  Why then does Ablakwa not see the trinity of God the Father, Junior Jesus the son and the Ghost of the “Holy ousted Father?”

After he (Ablakwa) went on air to explain the deaths of all past NPP leading figures, how God has cloaked President Mills and how anyone who dares even think the President sick or ever dying is struck down, he moved on smoothly to point a finger at the previous government and the over 85 Mitsubishi Gallopers left on the lawn of the Ministry of Local Government to rot away.  That figure is ballooning into a $1.5billion potential loss to Government.  But dream on African Automobile Limited, just like Woyome, we are waiting to see a contract of service.

You see, in Ghana, we citizens have no means of redress for any corruption we face.  Our ministers and leaders of government as well as the civil servants thrive on the basis that the rest of us will neither find out nor ever figure out what they have done in the past and how they line their pockets easily.

I am most fascinated by what is going on with the Public Accounts Committee, going through the Auditor General’s report and now finding there are many issues that have to be addressed.  These reports are published every year.  If the current contents are impressive and full of good detail, I wonder what it would be if the department was better resourced and they could produce a report on time.  The Department is short on staff and funds and has never been able to cover all the Departments, Agencies and Ministries properly.  Their work is far from superb and they lack many qualified staff to enable them to reach their required level of competence.

So what are we crowing about?  There is a lot yet to come.  I know something.  We are going to get to the bottom of corruption issues in this country, one way or the other.

Enough of Woyome this week, he is still in court and we are still looking for Togbe Gadasu’s paraphernalia.  Togbe Afedze IV and Togbe Sri III all promised to help find the royal emblems, but they are so deeply hidden in the Hohoe Zongo (one of the many that candidate Mills promised to turn into a city) that no one has a clue where to turn.  The spoils of war.  It might show up in the Museum of British History.

Ghana, aha a ye de papa! alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

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