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Franklin Cudjoe’s Last Words for a Violence-Free Election

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 2, 2012

As has become the tradition with elections in mostly less predictable developing countries, prayer is not just the key to assuage our fears, it has become a nationally sanctioned profession of our faith even if we are not deserving of the mercies that flow from it since most of the time the prayers are not backed by God-intent.   However, we need it now even if for the sake of it.

So, Christians and Muslims must pray for peaceful elections. Elections are about making choices for progress. Simply cast your vote for the party or individual you believe shares your vision for respect, civility, progress and a predictable future. There is no need to perform this sacred function with violence. You must under no circumstance sell your vote for pittance, be it a car, a house, a bag of salt, cassava farrine, rice, because your life and choice are worth more than these.

Please demand from the buyer of your conscience what measures he will put in place to ensure a constant flow of these freebies to the critically disabled and more crucially how his activities can put money in your pocket to buy the very goods, health, insurance, your future and those of your relatives. Never sell yourself for a pot of gold. Be the gold from which all the glittering must light the path of darkness, despondency, poverty and disease. Ghana will be fine. God bless you all.

Franklin Cudjoe is founding President of IMANI

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The NDC Cannot Win The Election: Why?. Critical News, 2nd December 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 2, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

At this same time next week, each one of us will know whether our prediction for the election is correct.  We are voting on Friday 7th December and despite all the noise and fear of violence and war, we are forging ahead with our own checks and balances and traditional peace pipes that have smoked in Ghana for long.  By next Sunday when I sit down to write another Critical piece, Ghana will either have a new President, elected an incumbent or deferred the decision for another 21 days to the end of December.  I have no intention of sitting on the analyst’s fence this last week.  If the election goes a second round, and I believe it will, the NDC will not win another term.

Here are my reasons, you can judge whether I have seen it coming accurately or not. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Threat Of Electoral Violence And To Peace Is Real !!!

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 2, 2012

Ben Ofosu-Appiah,  Tokyo, JAPAN.

As Ghanaians prepare to go to the polls next week to elect the 6th Parliament of the 4th Republic and a new President, the threat to peace and Ghana’s image as a budding democracy on the African continent is real. There is a heightened level of tension in the country that must be diffused.

In the last week alone several very disturbing news items indicating pockets of violence in certain parts of the country during political campaigns have been reported in the media. The first was a report on alleging that the President’s motorcade was prevented from entering Kyebi the hometown of Nana Akuffo-Addo to campaign by the youth of the town. As usual there was different versions of what actually took place but one thing was clear such lawless activities by uncontrolled and lawless bunch of individuals is what starts the sparks of violence. If care, caution and restraint are not exercised, the potential of real violence breaking out cannot be contained. Read the rest of this entry »

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