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Logorligi Pilgrimage to Jubilee Flagstaff. Critical News, 17th March 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 17, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I found myself in Akosombo this weekend.  Not by design, I happened to be going elsewhere and ended up there.  So I decided to stay and find out whether what ECG is saying that VRA has no energy to supply is true.  Motorway drive is risky, you have to be very vigilant, the Trotros and rickety trucks stop all through the distance, you would think it was a rest stop to Tema.  At 11am when I got to the end of the motorway, there was a traffic jam.  For no reason.  All 4×4 Prados and Land Cruisers riding the side roads with as much impunity as Chris Brown smoking wee in the face of Ohene Djan.  By the time I hit the Afienya road, I had killed a full 45 minutes of my time.  Funny thing, I thought I could see the Flying School from the road, but there were so many kiosks lining the sides, I saw nothing.  Is it still there?  A relic of my youth, gone?  Anyway, the Afienya road was a pot-holed variety of asphalt corn roll where it merged with deep-pitted red dirt, as if someone had deliberately taken a giant barber’s razor to the ground and dug up portions.  Then right there in front of the police station, a taxi had broken down, creating a most awful jam.  Right there, in front of policemen, standing by nonchalantly, chatting away while we cursed each other idiotically jamming the road around the brick-jacked-up taxi with splayed front wheels.

This week, I wanted to say something nice about the police traffic unit, who I concluded were doing a splendid job controlling jams.  But after a constable took my ten cedis earlier in the week because he said I was talking on my cell phone, which I was not, I forked out a tenner, and he took.  Guilty with reason, police are still bumming petty cash where they can. Read the rest of this entry »

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