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The 2012 Election Trial Is For Constitutional Rights And Sovereignty

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 4, 2013


If anybody had predicted that a black person would become the leader of the free world (the United States of America) in my life time, I would have labeled that person as a dreamer. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, he never believed that he would be vanquished because Birnamwood to high Dunsinan (trees and land) could not possibly move against him. Although, it seemed impossible it did happened. What is strange under the sun; where are historical figures like Saddam Hussein and Muhammad Gaddafi in our lives today? We know in our biblical history where Lazarus was restored to life having died for four days which reinforces our believe that with God everything is possible. This ‘Trial of the Century’ should not shock any one because it is only an attempt to ensure sanity in our democracy, guarantee fundamental fairness and a promise of better life for generations to come. It is not about NDC or NPP but the restoration and preservation of our sovereignty to elect our leaders. It is our right and we demand it.  The revolution to emancipate this nation from corruption; ensure sanity and accountability is still ongoing because we cannot as a country allow few disgruntled people at the Electoral Commission to manipulate our electoral process and decide the fate of over 25 million people. This is ridiculous and unacceptable, and I thank everybody who is in the mill to fight this monstrous canker.

My brothers and sisters, injustice in any form is a treat to justice, our peace and harmony, something that we have enjoyed and cherished for some time. This trial at the Supreme Court does not favor the best of lawyers because it has no room for court room gimmicks, conjectures, speculations but the law and figures. This is not a murder trial and not even the Tsikatas, the Quarshie-Iduns or the Tony Lithurs can survive the evidence deduced so people like Nana Ato Dadzie should stop the propaganda. This is serious business; what is the price in attempting to discredit the witness because this trial is not about Dr. Bawumia but Ghana and our Democracy. Nobody or institution can change our current laws as enshrined in our Constitution( Li 78) or stop the audit of the pink sheets as presented. We all understand what over voting connotes, the meaning of no verification no vote and other breaches of electoral laws as earlier expanded by Dr. Afari Gyan, the EC during the elections.

Ghanaians have been taken for ride for far too long by certain disgruntled people who I classify as idiots having assumed the responsibility of deciding the fate of Ghanaians by circumventing the will of the masses. I personally saw this grand scheme emerging with the delay of data on the population census which during its conduct witnessed the change of the Government Statistician of the day. As to be expected all the regions increased with the exception of Ashanti and I questioned myself as to the kind of economic activities going on in the Volta and Northern Regions to guarantee population growth. We all know that people in the Volta Region are moving consistently to Accra and those in the North are moving to the Ashanti Region, meanwhile the numbers in the North and Volta Regions have increased while Ashanti has reduced. This to me was just ridiculous and despicable, to say the least.

Ghana is sitting on thorns. Some intelligent political tricksters have emerged realizing that most of our people are economic entities and are able to manipulate them with cars, motor bikes, sewing machines, cloth, cell phones and microwaves etc which constitute smart politics in an Africa country like ours. Why should we as a nation succumb to the manipulations of our nation by certain few disgruntled and greedy people who wants to toy with the destiny of the whole country?  This is what the Court petition is all about; our sovereignty and the realignment of our democracy which is managed by the EC. Unlike some people, I am not dumb and want to know the price of my vote having spent over GHC60 million cedis to fly down to exercise my sovereignty. What satisfaction is derived by those who woke up as earlier as 3am to go and vote? It is time that all well meaning people who believe in fundamental fairness and equity stood up.

This court case spectacle is a serious adventure where lawyers have no room to twist or change the law. In the same vein, our eminent judges at the Supreme Court, as custodians of our laws can only interpret them based on the ideals of the framers of our Constitution. The Li 78 is explicit on the rules of engagement in the electoral process in reference to verification before voting, over voting etc. It is on record that certain areas like Nyayeri ,Kulgona and Bomni have had their votes cancelled for over voting and the law is the law. There are incidents of Electoral Officers conniving to coerce other subordinates to sign pinks sheets and affidavits i.e. Salamatu Osman in Savelugu and Idrrisu Evans of Upper East. Countrymen and women, we are living in strange and dangerous times that call for cool heads because no amount of propaganda or manipulations can change the cause of events.

TO MY FOLLOW GHANAIANS – The issue at stake has nothing to do with NDC or NPP. It is about the ineptness of the staff of the Electoral Commission and whether the verdict they gave in reference to our Presidential elections represent the true aspirations of Ghanaians or not? As citizens of the Republic, it is our right and responsibility to ensure that our sovereignty is not compromised or violated. The Presidency must go to the person who has the largest genuine votes and not votes by errors.  If there were mistakes, let us correct them and re-collate the figures (data). If there were irregularities and Constitutional breaches, let us attend to them. After all, that is why we have the judiciary. Ghana is not a jungle but a society of laws and it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that our laws and statutes function well. We should not allow lies, aggression, propaganda, power, tribalism and politics to subvert the truth because injustice in any form is a treat to our peace. Let us be objective and avoid hatred, which venom will destroy us and distort our personalities.

ON DR. BAWUMIA – Why are decent people attempting to discredit him? Why are honest citizens conspiring to attack the messenger instead of his message? Dr. Bawumia is the only soul in the ‘witness box’ representing our constitutional rights and sovereignty. He is carrying the load to ensure sanity in our democracy and protect our nation, the new generation and the unborn. This is a very serious burden that very few people can handle excluding me. Our laws on the electoral process are known to most Ghanaians and they remain the same unless otherwise amended in the near future. Our society must also remember that the judges of the Supreme Court also have their responsibilities to defend the Constitution.

Nevertheless, our sovereignty should not be determined by errors but by our valid votes. This dangerous behavior of “GYAE MA NO NKA’ (let forgive and forget, let bygones be bygone) syndrome, is unacceptable and preposterous, and must not be allowed to stand because we demand legitimacy in our voting process to ensure trust in our democratic dispensation.

TO OUR EMINENT JUDGES- My Lords, as interpreters of our Constitution and Laws of the land, it behooves on you to adjudicate the case before you without fear or favor. You hold the keys to unearthing the truth in the matter before you. I wish you well and pray that the good Lord equip you with the power of bravery and the wisdom of the law to adjudicate faithfully without fear or favor. Errors in any form should not determine our sovereignty because injustice in any form is a treat to our peace. Let us pursue the truth, hunt for it and find it. This will help us to realign, redefine and deepen our democracy with a hope of better Ghana for generations to come.

Hope is a good thing; let us pursue it with a promise for our new generation.

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