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Here, There, Everywhere Corruption. Critical News, 27th October 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 27, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Before the weekend drew near, I already had my headline in my head and I was raring to start writing even before Sunday came along.  So incensed with the “take your brain elsewhere” (my re-statement) message from Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah, I started crafting my language ahead of the weekend.

What the General said in public was self-indulgent.  That the President and his team found no reason to distance themselves and even managed to chuckle over it in the face of Ghanaians, was decadent.  That we have arrived at a point in our history when a National security Advisor can suggest to its citizens to leave the country if they cannot find a good fit.  They dare to raise their voices in constitutional gripe, so they can single file line-up and trot on to Togo, Burkina, Nigeria and elsewhere, let slip such poor taste, I figured I had enough meat to devote a good measure of language to this disrespect.

In case General Nunoo-Mensah is not aware, the people of this country have sacrificed as much as he has to make Ghana what it is today.  Many of us have stayed on or fought on from outside to make a point about the moral decay and oppression we have had to contend with in past years, not counting the belt tightening and defending the indefensible most times. Read the rest of this entry »

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