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Political Sand Dunes – Davos St., Agbogbloshie. Critical News, 26th January 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 26, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

If there was one thing I always thought I would do, it was to travel the Sahara Desert, circle back through the Horn of Africa, a much wiser and seasoned wayfarer.  I dreamed of the ultimate storyteller I could become and regale listeners with endless stories of “the trip” as long as I lived.  In those days if we had Twitter and Snapshot, I would have no chance of getting lost, location by GPS, tons of pictures to show, and a You Tube video to verify my escapade.  I dreamt about this for so long, I mapped every oasis and sand dune along the way and knew the route off the back of my hand.

Then I read about sand dunes and thought, wait-a-minute.  There is danger out there.  Dunes exist where there is a source of sand, prevailing winds to move the sand, and a place for the sand to collect. Eroded canyons and washes provide plenty of sand, and winds always blow (especially harmattan time), and there are many areas in the cities where the sand is “trapped” by human geographic features such as road curbs, no grass along the side, no Zoomlion contractors to collect the sand with GYEEDA fitments, RLG “bola taxis” traveling the opposite direction, defying physics with slanted tires, side boards distorting the center of gravity with increased effort applied by aged men, way above the thirty-five-year youth limit, but looking to eke a living out of this economic mess. Read the rest of this entry »

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Terminate The Aglow Contract. Critical News, 19th January 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 19, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This country cannot look after its children.  We can neither feed them, nor clothe, educate or entertain them.  This past week, several schools in the Northern Regions could not reopen because Government was in arrears with their feeding fees and other services and the Conference of Heads of Senior Schools just had no option than to support the closures.

Luckily, we found ghc50,4 million to pay the arrears before the week was out, but we forget that term started and we must find money for the new term and the rest of the year.

What is going on with the cash flow?  The President only last week praised himself for surviving and told us 2014 would be far better, we should be patient and hopeful.  Then feeding fees is in short supply?

I have made many a case now that Government should really think outside the box and creatively palm off the burden of education and health payroll plus related allowances, to the private sector and regulate schools, stay away from managing a ghc6.1billion wage bill in these two sectors.  Why not step away from this cost and rather, tax profitable schools, collect withholding taxes and VAT from allied services?  Someone will have to do it somewhere along the line, because this way it doesn’t make sense and is costing us too much.  If we have bitten the bullet and allowed auto tariff adjustments for utilities and retail pump prices, think more private sector inclusion and get smart with money. Read the rest of this entry »

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To Coach A Middle Class. Critical News, 12th January 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 12, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

And he looked down and thought, I have done a good job.  I flogged the market women, burnt down their “kalabule” stalls, inspected and showed their genitalia to the world.  I asked my soldiers to take away all bank accounts above fifty cedis and none know where I kept the excess.  I ensured that any private enterprise that looked profitable collapsed so they cannot work against me by favoring the enemy.  I eliminated Nii Kwei, used him as a tool to kill judges who opposed me and I generated fear in the judiciary.  My world is clean from Lebanese and Indians, profiting from business over the years.  Even my town folk have been quieted down, they have not escaped my wrath, as I showed them a fast exit from this scorched earth.

All who challenged me have been silenced and the Amadeks are safely tucked away in a secret place only me and my 64 blues can tell.  My peace is guaranteed since I sent the thirteen back to their ancestors and my work has been rewarded with a peaceful nation whose cowardice guarantees my bravado. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Face of 2014. Critical News, 5th January 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 5, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

We arrived in 2014, Fortiz announcing that they are now in pole position, 90% proud owners of Merchant Bank and will move in soon to start providing exemplary banking services to Ghanaians as we move into Better Ghana Banking, notwithstanding the appeal in court and the possible decision in Parliament’s emergency session next week.

Unfortunately, one young lady literally crossed over on Xmas eve and will not see what 2014 has to offer.  It was a sad moment, Patience Tetteh at Assemblies of God traditional night literally crossed over after the New Year vigil.  Patience “damirifa due”, you are a sad loss to many in the family.

Other than that and the fact that nothing works properly in this country anymore (oh, except for the Registrar General’s Department – there is some good work going on there), I wonder where we will dig up inspiration to manage another year such as what just ended.  Our President says 2014 will be an excellent year and we should look forward to rewards and great change.  Unless we do not want it and our demeanor does not show gratitude, he will hold back and not treat us to the goodies he has in store.  All is in place to take off from first gear and we will accelerate into 2014 and beyond.  First to fifth, straight. Read the rest of this entry »

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