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Preparing To Sue Satan. Critical News, 5th October 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 5, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Reading through all the unfolding events at the National Students Secretariat this week, I had an epiphany. Why don’t we sue Satan for all the woes we are going through in this country?

Coming so soon on the back of the CHRAJ Commissioner’s wanton throw away of Government funds, the Brazil matters in camera and public and the education in corruption coefficients by the Ghana Football Association boss, I am convinced we are in spiritual entanglements.

We have been systematically bound in various forms of high-end incantations spiraling us down a path of permanent impiety. And this is after all the tolerance for many religious causes we have followed to ground ourselves in self-righteousness.

To issue the summons on Satan, the biggest challenge we have of course, is his address. Where do we find him? There is a place called Hell in Texas, USA; our equivalent in Ghana is right here in Accra in the Korle Lagoon.

But we could have a solution because fellow panelist Yaw Oppong on Citifm’s The Big Issue has rightly informed me that we can serve notice on Satan and his numerous agents as accomplices (I am not the only crazy one on the panel). We only need a list of the agents.

So I am asking Arch Bishop Duncan Williams, Anita De Sosoo, Kwaku Bonsam and the many others who cast out demons and bind evil in the name of the Christ to please send me a list of all the potential Satan Agents they know. Provided the street naming and house numbering is complete we should be okay.

That is another way for Satan to hide from us. By stalling and blackening the hearts of these executives who should have finished the identification of all these homes, we are unable to serve them notice to appear. We should all work together to trap these evil deeds, because it is our collective responsibility even though others are paid to do such work; yet we the servants must give up our lives so they can come and do the simple task of commissioning.

These persons cannot hide any longer. They have eaten away the fabric of our decency and systematically destroyed all our inherited good ways.

It is as if since we signed the World Trade Agreement, the fundamental principles on which we do ethical business have been taken over by a whole group of Satan followers and agents, who have turned our minds from decent things such as “thou shall not steal”, “thou shall not be a ghost pay roller”, “thou shall not create cholera in a modern city” and many of the dictums that a modern world deems fit for humans, have been “boomed” away by repetitive lies and dis-communion with God and Allah.

Swearing on another’s bible even as we attend Church at the other.

Are these Satanists telling us we are not capable of managing our own affairs? Are they saying they have become so powerful we are tainted by destiny not to succeed in anything? Not even our national sport football?

But I say nay. We are a proud nation of warriors. Warriors who begat Okomfo Anokye and Ntim Gyakari; warriors whose prowess stopped the British at the Pra River and shooed them out with mosquitoes and machetes; warriors who chased and beheaded Sir Charles McCarthy and placed his head on a stake.

Warriors who claimed independence as the first black nation south of the Sahara, despite giving up our traditions and beliefs for a white man’s agency. Dare anyone tell us we are not capable.

Even though the evidence is starkly overwhelming that we are incapable, constantly in turmoil and broke all the time.

But we cannot accept that Satan has so infiltrated we cannot see a way out. Through every turn of our post independence history, we see the hand of the evil one, confusing our leaders and leading them astray on every contract and intention to constitute the decent democracy we so crave.

Despite all promises and good intentions, the hand of the evil one so misdirects that we end up dipping in every juicy contract at the expense of progress and nation-development, turning to our previous overlords to support us to count our properties and prepare the ground for further dependence.

Our markets and stadiums have been set Aglow for decades, yet we still wallow in the spiritual abyss and wander and wonder where our might to resist all this temptation will come from.

How much more will it take to overcome this? We are at the crossroads of decentralized crime (thanks Franklin Cudjoe of Imani for the phrase) where we either accept our ineptitude or we stand on conviction; and believe we can do this by ourselves for ourselves.

I understand you can identify a satanic agent from the devil’s mark of three sixes on the top of their head. It makes all of us bald persons and those with closely cropped hair safe. So there are two things involved.

All this will form part of the essential arguments in our suit against Satan. Grown up men are crying in public. Ministers are denying knowledge of all corruption and Majority Leader in Parliament is getting dizzy from all the happenings at the Council of State.

This has become a national disaster and concern.

It is not my calling, but I can see clearly someone has to do something.

I am uncloaking Satan from the spiritual where he lurks behind human persons and I am bringing him to the world where a judge’s decision is final and binding. If Chief Justice Woode finds in our favor, we expect full compliance and banishment from our land to that of ISIS and Boko Haram, where the evils of execution and abduction in the name of a sacrosanct faith has become synonymous with murder and mayhem.

How do we live in a 21st century where rights to education, water and economic wealth have been taken away by the incompetence of a handful of persons who have done nothing but pretend to know their job while conniving with others to impoverish the rest of us believers?

I think the time has come to take this Satan by his pitiful horns and show him the exit. My cup brimmeth over, my life sloweth to a crawl as I gradually lose the opportunity of youth, blown away year after four years choosing chooboi, chooboi in place of competence!

We will fight this case in all the regional courts and insist on full decentralization before we start. If we are wider located, Satan and his agents will be spread thinly on the ground and we will win a grand victory.

So I am preparing to file cases in the Criminal Court, Commercial Court, Human Rights Court and the Civil Courts of the land.

I am putting together a fund to send a team of crack lawyers to prepare them for the mental and spiritual challenge we will have to confront before the case starts.

I have selected Ace Ankomah, Egbert Faibille jnr, Theopihilus Cudjoe, Kofi Bentil, Godfrey Dame, H Kwasi Prempeh, Yaw Oppong and Akoto Ampaw to go to Vatican City for a few weeks and be washed in the blood of Christ by the Papal Se before we start.

To get them there and complete the purification I am setting up a “Sepulcher Fund”, which will be ring-fenced, funded by the USA as another Millennium Compact administrated by Dr. Joe Abbey of CEPA and assisted by a select Board from IEA, CDD, GII, IDEG, Imani and #OccupyGhana.

This team will prepare the rock-solid case against Satan and his agents and will ensure success in the various suits.

I turn sixty in a couple of weeks; I have been crusading against this corruption and poverty for two thirds of my life. I have no faith to call on in this desperation maneuver, but where else do I turn?

We can do this together if we get enough Satan Agent names to successfully prosecute.   Once we find them we will win because the Lord is on our side, the battle is the Lords and we lift our eyes up to him to deliver us a Better Ghana.

There comes a time in everyone’s life that you get desperate to the point where you open the door for Satan to infiltrate and lead you astray.

But Satan, enough is enough. We are coming for you.

Ghana, Aha a ye de papa. Alius valde week advenio. Another great week to come!

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