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Castaways of Flagstaff House. Critical News, 8th February 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 8, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Our lives are a miserable choice from what we used to have a decade ago. We are forced to cook at least three times a week in order that we can eat everything and not have food deteriorate in the fridge. The fridge and freezer are in a complicated fight about who can raise the more stink; and my nostrils have become the more sensitive and discerning judge, trying to decipher the line between borderline spoilt and definitely off.

I will not afford a generator. At least my statements of environmental principle tell me I should not afford one. Why on this god-given earth should I, out of poverty and someone’s poor choices, burden the world with more pollutants and dissipate energy just to enjoy home comforts to, as the conspiracy theorists say, encourage more “policrats” to import an inexhaustible number of machines, only to boost noise levels in our ravaged communities?

This morning I woke to the distorted sounds of, once again a group of Christian worshippers who believe they are above the byelaws of this country as far as their right to create discordant music.

I fought a four-year battle with a previous group of five congregants until finally the executives at Ga South Municipal Assembly found it fit to ban the church over the wall beyond me. Now someone else is back and I am not sure I have the energy to write fifty-seven letters like I did the last time.

But it looks like it will be a long wait before we get round to fixing what we should have done decades ago. With Social Democrats turned capitalist crooks, it has become a race for how much can be stowed away before 2016 gets here and maybe another group captures the imagination of the voter and takes matters up another notch.

The week has been pregnant with energy noises. Suddenly, Government has found it necessary through their emissary the President, to visit energy plants and invite the Chinese at the Sunon Asogli plant in the Volta Region to join them to lubricate the lying prose.

After explaining in 2012 that God had taken up the underground pipes from the sea, in order to “dum-dum” us poor Ghanaian sinners, but he would personally intervene with the Almighty, something he was cock-sure he could fix before the end of 2013, our President is once again invoking the Lord with prayers by citizens of this country and pleading with us, not AGLOW, to pray for a dissipating lake.

The only party that has consistently managed prayer to free the souls of Ghanaians is silent on what to do next. The cedi has not risen and the lake has not risen. Despite all the pleas by the charlatan principalities, one of who actually tried to walk over water and drowned recently, we are in a quagmire as to the solutions for bountiful water that will give us back the turbines of Akosombo.

Fortunately for him, the Christian people of this country actually agree and believe these stories. That deep prayer will restore the lake level and the triple hydra heads of VRA, GRIDCO and ECG will be blessed with wisdom, not of a technical description to solve the matter before us, but with ardent and fervent prayers to overcome.

Because newly unconstitutionally appointed cabinet minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor has threatened to resign in the event that he does not solve the power crisis in six months, I have had to look closer at the list of cabinet ministers, and for the umpteenth time I wonder whether educated persons in Ghana are not doing this country a disservice by staying away from the “Peking” benches in the House of Parliament?

I know another like him still walking the land of this country, who offered himself as a sacrifice to the Bukom gods that, were he not to succeed in eliminating corruption from the land, he should be staked and shot. Today, his shouting is all about how others have hijacked his corruption and turned his tri-principles of probity, transparency and accountability into mirage ENI contracts, Simbox fraud and nefarious clearing houses, daring us to challenge the corruption quo.

When the Speaker was told the constitutional breach of Kwabena’s appoinment, he blamed it on the mis-writers of the Hansard and asked that they allow time to consult with the oracle (not the ghost payroll saga ones) and maybe they could come up with a legal breach.

So how many times are we going to sit while they castigate the seers? How many more persons have to point out the deficiencies in what we are doing before they become wise persons worthy of mention in our history?

What Ghana needs is more drift and shift at the top.

With Prosper Bani propelled out of the House by the “Dramani Code” of prerogative hiring and firing, I ask if there is still some room to bring back Vicky Hammah. Most faulty culprits are returned in one form or the other, or?

And who said “tweaa?” I say Vicky has spunk; she had a target and was working at it. And she still has ideas held dear to her bosom. Couldn’t she fill in for Raymond Atuguba and even Dotse Malor? And she might bring some rear guard action to the excutive suite, backstop for Veep Paa Kwesi and provide some incentive to ruminate.

With Elvis Afriyie Ankrah tied to the poles of flagstaff house, look at what happened to us at AFCON?

Now all the seemingly good tenants have been cast away from the seat of power. Could they possibly be making room for us to “occupy” the positions? Or are we too occupied with larger more public shows of persons sailing away into shadier abysses?

Could it be that the Occupiers of OccupyGhana will never get to count the “dogo-dogo” lines as the castaways voyage back to universities and international assignments? Whose captain will guard the staff to the very end?

Ghana is going to win the AFCON cup. The writing is on the wall because I would like to see Ivory Coast crumble and be overwhelmed by Dede, Atsu, Wakaso, Kwesi, Jordan, and of course Asamoah. Two people reported dead and many injured by the miscreants of Equatorial Guinea, a country living in the land of oil rich and poor as “church kwakwe”, throwing missiles at supporters, who had nothing to do with the scoreline.

I thought they might want to lynch their team for giving them the false promise that they could deliver Ghana on a continental platter.

But how different are they from us? In a land of enough oil and gas, a land with river bodies flowing north to south, a land blessed with mineral wealth and abundant natural energy, with enough food and cash crops to feed ourselves and others, the constellation played a trick on us and gave us two blind leaders with selfish genes to discontinue progress.

I hear some barges from Turkey will arrive soon, I hear General Electric from the USA have promised to deliver, for $200million, a few turbines that will solve the crisis and before the year end. I hear all the plants are under maintenance hence the load shedding, I hear we Ghanaians are never pleased with anything anyone does for us.

Our ingratitude is a punishable offence with no lights and possible total darkness because another Akosombo turbine has to shut. The once glorious dam is now overshadowed by the Bagre of Burkina and supported by the power of Cote D’Ivoire. How did they get it right and not we?

Hopefully the Power Minister would have resigned and joined the “Castaways of Flagstaff House” and we will have more competence and less misery in Ghana. Mens abrɛ wai!

Independence now! Roll on 6th March. We dared to be different.

Ghana, Aha a ye din papa. Alius atrox week advenio. Another terrible week to come!

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