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Smart Pioto. Critical News, 3rd May 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 4, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

KKD, we all know him as KKD, his real name Kwesi Kyei Darkwa, has been around in the news for a long time, but recently as the man who had sex with a young nineteen-year old teenager in the bathroom of “hotel Kuffuor”.

The young lady yelled rape, pulled back and finally closed shop completely. The Attorney General and her team thought to make a scapegoat out of KKD, (#celebritieswithimpunity) but they did not succeed. The Lord was on KKD’s side. And this weekend, with Christian family and friends in tow, KKD is heading for church to thank his God for delivering him from the clutches of the evil Marietta Brew Oppong and human justice, to once again purify himself to be forgiven of all manner of adulterous behaviour, past and present and move forward, erected as new.

The Christian faith allows for that and once cleansed you can go forth and commit new sins to be forgiven in the future, before Armageddon.

Our society is just as forgiving, so the community faithful, who see no reason not to allow KKD back into the fold, overlooking the fact that he has breached certain sensibilities of human morality, fornicating in a place with a lady, younger than his own children, are happy to accept him as a new person, as since Jesus offered himself on the cross.

But that is not the point. He has shown remorse and offered penance to correct what he did wrong and our society does not lug punishment alongside for too long.

Now, we all hope it is a lesson well learnt by the young lady “victim” and she will henceforth watch how quickly her “pioto” is tugged beyond her butt cheeks.

And that brings me to the matter of beautiful actress Yvonne Nelson and what courage, or was it frustration, it took to create a hashtag #dumsormuststop, to “BBC” her frustrations on the Government. I think someone promised her dumsor would end in April and she believed it.

Being of the celebrity world, she was not in the loop that our President is rather economical with facts, and promises what is never to be delivered.

But if you are smart, wear your “pioto” correct, have fallen into the post of President, what you have in your arsenal is a whole load of people who call to tell you stuff. I mean the “Dansomanians” called the President all morning on May Day, pleading with him to turn their lights on so they could listen to his televised speech from Independence square.

They called him because he told them he was fixing the dumsor. But really? I think they were seeing if they could get light for the Mayweather Paqaiao fight on Saturday.

He could not deliver, but managed a public apology so all Ghanaians could hear his sympathy. He feels for his Dansoman peeps and made a special plea to ECG to give them more light. The rest of us are running six hours on, forty-two off, but the President doesn’t know this, so he asked ECG to give the DC guys twelve on, twenty-four off.

Tall order, because as at now the level of the lake is running lower but GRIDCO have not updated their website since April 29. Hopefully it will show the correct supply by the time you read this.

Unfortunately Lydia Forson, another bold and courageous young actress, curved into the issue, was not swerved by the apology, but by the time she finished her makeup and arrived at the square, the ceremony was over and she did not get a chance to talk to the President. So she wrote him a long letter and particularly asked that the “babies with sharp teeth” should stop calling her and hissing from their front teeth.

And they were insulted. All over social media, NDC apparatchiks abused these fair ladies for daring to step into the arena of gutter politics. Yvonne, Lydia and friends, welcome to the world where you will be labeled as opposition because you tell the truth.

And all the insults because we run a Government that sees no remorse in the damage to our lives and insists that the power shortage is a “nightmare”; if you are a “smart” person you will fasten your “pioto”, stop complaining and get on with life and business.

Buy a generator if you have no power and be faithful in your belief that it will be fixed, because the lord is on their side and it is through him that they will come back to be forgiven for the next resurrection in 2016. No matter your fornication, you will re-enter the political kingdom.

So welcome to the #Deadgoatclub. We “bleat” for God and Country.

And one of the “not smart” companies, Coca Cola’s Bottling plant here in Ghana says they have no choice than to lay off workers due to the worsening power problems. Mz Razia Khan, Head of Stanchart Bank’s Research desk says the way to arrest Ghana’s decline is by checking the debt appetite. She is not so smart though, telling the truth when the bank is not yet the best performing bank in Africa. Still place after Barclays Bank.

We are fighting Ivory Coast for more oil. They are smarter than us in that country. When we want to watch football, we buy power from them. They have a standing arrangement with us to supply them megawatts every day. They produce more cocoa than we, produce more coffee, more pineapples, more cassava, more onions, and have just ended a damaging civil war, but have a stable currency and good supporting ties with Europe.

Our last civil war; have we had one? Maybe you can say our fight for independence when the Ashantis threatened to secede? Has still left us reeling with a constitution we still cite with nostalgia.

President Mahama has done this country a great disservice because of his inability to make the firm decisions that can shape our future and bring back our past glories.

What guides his everyday thinking when he prefers to keep suspected corrupt officials close to his seat in Parliament? Why would he prefer to use students with no experience to run a government to manage the lives of twenty-six million people?

If in the last four years you have not been able to keep the lights on 24/7 in a small country such as Ghana, why would you address the nation on May Day and call that situation temporary? Why would you describe as an act of God, an accident by a vessel that pulls up a pipeline? And why would you say we have a solution to solving our water crisis when we are so far from the solution and we all know this in Ghana?

Why has it become more important to stay in authority and take so much blame, pain and hassle when it can be solved with a few smart decisions?

This is not the thinking of a smart person. This is not positive and a solution to our problems. With so much we can do without spending money, why not do it while the money is short?

Freedom of Information Act, constitutional review, electoral reforms, educational changes, CHRAJ changes, etc. etc. need I go on?

We can make all these improvements even as we wait for money to fall from IMF heaven. So what will it take? Unless of course it has become as most people are saying. A grand conspiracy to keep Ghanaians impoverished and controlled.

I am drinking twice as much alcohol as I used to. I have doubled my Guinness intake from one to two bottles, one on Friday night the other for Saturday. I need some sleep and the heat and sweat is not getting any easier.

All praise to Accra Brewery; smart business, automating processes with fewer staff in a down-spiraling economy. The nightmare will surely be unclad, just as the smarter Koforidua Polytechnic young ladies took off their “pioto” to protest their strife.

Ghana, Aha a yε din papa. Alius atrox week advenio. Another terrible week to come!

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