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I Accuse You. Critical News, 27th September 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 28, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Turmoil! A country struggling to find its feet and claim back its nobility, turns to its Coat of Arms and philosophically wonders, “where did we take the wrong turn”? Somewhere after the fight for independence and our fanaticism for dumping accolades of meaningless praise on leaders, we ignored the fair principles of equity and fairness in our lives.

Freedom and Justice. How many times haven’t we as a people taken pride of place in our lead as the Black Star and how many times haven’t we failed to follow through on justice and claim our right to fairness as should be in a modern democratic society.

I rail against any who say this country is not ready for a democracy and flail those who claim that we would be better off asking for white rule and a return to the colonial empire.

The mistake we have made all these years, is to allow the political class to keep repeating the “seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added” mantra. Never was a more misguided clause echoed in a plethora of deliveries, to make it sound and mean right.

Look where it has gotten us? A forthcoming crusade from one the even more corrupt churches, should be held and called “Judgment Day Goats Miracle Crusade”. It will be fitting in today’s Ghana.

Where and how does it all start?

When a political party encourages its candidates to bribe voters in order to win a primary event leading to a general election. Borrows money from his/her future gratuity in order to find enough money to give all electoral college deciders a ten-cedi note and some gari or even water, I am ashamed to say that is when the starter gun is fired.

Once the politician gets into Parliament, his only occupation is to find pockets where they can steal money to pay back their debt and stash enough away for the next session.

It also starts when cases are held over in court for so long, litigants are in abeyance for more than they ever anticipated.

My GYEEDA petition is at CHRAJ. It is being investigated. Since November 2013. When I last spoke with them two weeks ago, they told me they were “on it”. Should I be angry? Even the enquiry into the possible corruption of the Commissioner Lauretta Lamptey is still going on. Isn’t the end result gong to be a botched job or even worse a let off, because she would have collected all her salary during this time, free to do as she pleases with government property and travel and walk as she pleases? Eventually, Government will remain in perpetuity and we will be “as you were”.

We saw it with the Agbesi Woyome case and it continues as if there is no tomorrow.

The public has perceived the judicial system as corrupt a long time. We are not today going to stand and defend a system that has fought for an image it does not deserve. Lawyers bribe registrars and clerks, they offer their clients every opportunity to make a bad case come good and continue to pretend they are running a most sanctimonious process.

All the lawyers know this, as do the judges. I am waiting, watching to see how the Chief Justice is going to clean this mess. It is an opportunity pleading to sanitise the judicial service, but will take a longer time for public faith to be restored.

Last week Abuga Pele, MP for Chiana Paga in one of the northern regions was “cleared” by the NDC party to run in the pending primaries of the party. Last I checked, Abuga Pele had been indicted for possible theft at GYEEDA. His case is still in court, another one running for more than a year, while persons involved in the case are possibly looking for a way to clear him through. The GYEEDA theft could be linked to the wanton waste that floundered the election year over-spend and was used as a conduit to siphon funds into campaign coffers.

I am particularly upset by this blinkard move by the NDC to gain popular ground because there seems missing some directive morality and ethics in us. It is not a matter of law that the man has not been found guilty, but on plain moral principle, you have to exclude such a person, pending the outcome of the case. He has not simply been accused; he has been indicted and is in court.

He Abuga Pele should be ashamed to offer himself as an MP. You do not in any circumstance approve a person with questionable background only to let him in amongst a corruption of politicians

My allegory for this? Who appoints a head teacher accused of rape to supervise a girl’s school?

Judges were pleading that the Anas Aremeyaw tape should not be aired because it would damage their reputation. Where was that precious reputation when they were watching their burgeoning pockets?

This case has called the whole 2012 presidential election petition into question. There is still half this country who are convinced that the judgment was flawed. Many have questioned the sincerity of the Supreme Court judges who sat on the case and in the light of the recent revelations by the NPP of their findings in the register, it makes matters even more bizarre.

Who could have thought that the electoral register could be weighed down with names of persons from neighboring countries and there will still be noise from the NDC and a couple of the weightless parties that we should not tamper with the register because it will be costly? How much is democracy worth to the NDC?

Such a load of trollop and in my view another attempt to blanket an opportunity to sanitize what is very fundamentally wrong with our voting.

Dzamefe Commission, GYEEDA, SADA, Nkrumah’s dismissal of then Chief Justice Ako Korsah, Busia’s “no court” protest, JJ treasonous overthrow of the Limann government in 1981, which we allowed to flourish for fifteen years and many executions and murders of persons under dubious circumstances.

Let me make myself clear, because on hindsight I think we should have stood up more as a people against these dictators and their tyranny. I lived most of that era and it was frightening. Could I have come forward and said something? No. I was too much of a self-preservationist then and kept my head down, as did most of us. Now I think different, despite police and army brutality and despite all the political maneuvers, phone tapping and invading my email and taking off my car tires to maim or kill me. I accuse all you involved in this “game”.

Minister Omane Boamah went on air to say that Justice Adzakumah smeared ketchup on his face to crave sympathy. The man has lost his eye forever and Omane will get away with this callous comment, made in the name of politics, because no one in this government sees that it is a very undignified and insensitive comment to make, unbecoming of an educated person. Or is he just a very evil person? #justiceforjustice.

OccupyGhana will celebrate its 1st Anniversary on Ocober 1st at the Coconut Grove Regency in Accra. We have invited many fearless persons to join us and it is time we took up this protest and fight against the police nonsense and other oppressive moves of bad governance.

This has become my crusade. I invite all you who follow my writing and my positions on radio and television to come join us. We are going to talk about solutions to our problems in Ghana, something we have started in OccupyGhana and which we hope all like-minded Ghanaians will take up.

Lets get off the fence. I am accusing all of you who sit back waiting for someone’s eye to be sacrificed to the police “gods” before you express outrage, to lets stop it. We are in a fight to make Ghana a just society. We have managed the economy into HIPC one more time. Yet again by an NDC Government. What more do we want to happen before we up and do? I accuse you.

Ghana, Aha a yε din papa. Alius atrox week advenio. Another terrible week to come!

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