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Dumsor No Crossing Over. Critical News, 27th December 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 27, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I have written fifty-one articles this year, missed one sometime in November, I think and marred a perfect record since 2013. I started this column halfway in 2012 and after the Daily Guide decided to make it a weekly page in 2013, I have been going week after week without fail. I didn’t start it as such, but it kind of got into that rhythm and hasn’t swerved since.

And the only reason I keep going is because I have close to 15,000 readers worldwide on my Blog and I get so much encouragement, I hardly pause to think of it is a thankless job. Hindsight, I should have been a writer but life took me down a different corridor and I ended up an accountant.

So to all my readers out there and to all of you who encourage me daily, I say a big thank you, may you cross over gently, not like Dr. Kwbena Donkor, who must shed his “dumsor” load and make it safely across if he can.

I am asking Pastor Otabil a favor that if he sees the Minister in his Church this 31st night, could you please make sure he is not carrying any dumsor. His final task this year is to leave the dreaded load behind or shed his behind and close his office door gently. There will no light so he need not turn the lights out.

But on the other side, I have had seven continuous days of electricity, I am not sure if it is the Xmas break or if we are on the way to recovery. If we are finally getting some answers, Ghanaians should pat themselves on the back, it will be one of the other times we have “forced“ implementation out of the politicians, (reluctantly?) and we should say “big up “ to the people. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Occupying Moment. Critical News, 20th December 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 20, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I can tell you one secret. Our Minister of Power does not like the word “dumsor” in his boardroom or attached to his persona. He flipped his lid completely and nearly chucked us out for daring to introduce such local language parlance in his presence.

In an unprovoked outburst during our meeting, at his invitation last Thursday, the Minister of Power instructed that we do not blend the now common household word to load shedding. His angry tirade triggered our reply for him to call the meeting to an abrupt end and we would be more than happy to oblige, but we eventually resolved it.

What puzzled me more though, was that his whole entourage, about twelve or thirteen persons from the Ministry, supported him fully; even his deputy minister and technical advisors, waded in to play their ethnicity that there is no word such as “dumsor” in their language and therefore it had no place in their boardroom.

We had more than a one-hour meeting, after which we trundled our separate ways, clearly with different views of the AMERI deal.

In clearly selective disclosure mode, the Ministry refused to share information with Occupy Ghana, even when such material was in the public domain.

Our probing questions on the mechanism of a civil works contract to Engineers and Planners (E&P), the President’s brother, was a sore point, buttered with an accusation that I personally had come with a hidden agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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Powa Barging. Critical News, 6th December 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 6, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

OMG! Twenty-five days (25) only left to the end of ‘Dumsor”. And in case Dr. Kwabena Donkor has any other interpretations, let’s make it clear to him that we the people of this country are not fools. We know exactly what is the difference between “load shedding” and “dum sor”. Load means “dum”, shed means “sor”. They are one and the same thing. We are not going to allow these infantile lies to change the goal post to end this ineptitude of managing power and electricity.

GNPC has too much money on its hands and have become a conduit for Government to redirect funds a it needs. Every year, GNPC receives money from the petroleum funds. So far this year they have received $98 million. It’s a lot of money to manage as a company, but with clear mandates to deliver we should expect plenty. But GNPC is not a transparent company. I have not seen a copy of their financials yet, neither have I heard anyone discuss whether they are meeting their targets and obligations to the people of Ghana. Instead I hear lots of comments about ex-gratia meant for persons who left the company or were sacked years ago.

I just got word that Tsatsu Tsikata has sued MP for Adansi Asokwa, Mr. KT Hammond in the High Court for unsavory statements. I am looking forward to 2016. Tsatsu was appointed Energy Advisor to JJ in December 2000, succeeded by Nana Asafu-Adjaye and gave up this position immediately after the NPP came to power in 2001. His entitlements, ex-gratia etc. should not be an issue today. We live in interesting times. Read the rest of this entry »

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