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An Occupying Moment. Critical News, 20th December 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 20, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I can tell you one secret. Our Minister of Power does not like the word “dumsor” in his boardroom or attached to his persona. He flipped his lid completely and nearly chucked us out for daring to introduce such local language parlance in his presence.

In an unprovoked outburst during our meeting, at his invitation last Thursday, the Minister of Power instructed that we do not blend the now common household word to load shedding. His angry tirade triggered our reply for him to call the meeting to an abrupt end and we would be more than happy to oblige, but we eventually resolved it.

What puzzled me more though, was that his whole entourage, about twelve or thirteen persons from the Ministry, supported him fully; even his deputy minister and technical advisors, waded in to play their ethnicity that there is no word such as “dumsor” in their language and therefore it had no place in their boardroom.

We had more than a one-hour meeting, after which we trundled our separate ways, clearly with different views of the AMERI deal.

In clearly selective disclosure mode, the Ministry refused to share information with Occupy Ghana, even when such material was in the public domain.

Our probing questions on the mechanism of a civil works contract to Engineers and Planners (E&P), the President’s brother, was a sore point, buttered with an accusation that I personally had come with a hidden agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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