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Between Taxes and Harmattan. Critical News, 3rd January 2016

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 4, 2016

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am particularly miffed with JDM already. It was bad enough he did not allow me the single privilege of turning down his offer of a medal of sorts because I wrote fifty-one articles. Every week I wrote something and advised copiously on many matters.

I think I was even instrumental in giving him an opportunity to ask for Kwabena Donkor’s resignation after Occupy Ghana lifted the stakes beyond rhetoric. And even though we did not see Dzifa Attivor’s speedy ducking out of cabinet, we had a few words for him on that.

And we did say a lot about the Auditor General, who we will be taking on big time this year. That office still cannot see how it should exercise all its constitutional powers and cut the theft of state funds by at least 90%. We will advise him soon.

So why am I miffed? The man did not even wish me a Happy New Year. After all we went through together, after all the insults and name-calling, after all the accusations and bellicose advice I poured on radio, TV and in print, JDM did not see that I did something in the year.

So I am going to visit him and have a conversation. If agrees that I can record, I will share with the peeps of Ghana. This is my New Year resolution. I tried a few times last year, but even my cousin the Veep could not find me a slot for a conversation about our relationship. I disown him.

But what has got my goat this week, not the ones I slaughtered over the holiday, which are now dead and freezing well because I have had power for fourteen days, are the ridiculous taxes that have been imposed. Read the rest of this entry »

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