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The Jokers Gallery. Critical News, 28th February 2016

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 29, 2016

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

The State of the Nation dominated our lives in the week. But the after party is yet to come as the NPP threatens to release their true state of the nation on Monday.

I quite liked the idea of presenting a sample of regular folk as testimony of what Government thought it had achieved. Many disagree with me, and someone actually sent a text into our Saturday program on Citifm’s The Big Issue to congratulate me for “seeing the light at last”.

All in good fun and progressive debate in the attempt to be fair and call it as you see it.

But I have a big beef with what I saw as very childish behavior by the President and the equally infantile posturing of both sides of the House, waving flags and showing placards as if in some playschool ground, listening to a propaganda speech from the school prefect. And the President has to bear the brunt of my sharp tongue when I say his attitude when it comes to this particular event is way below acceptable and he must accept responsibility for egging our child-like Parliament on as if their only job in the chamber is to wait for certain pre-selected phrases to pull out a provocative card.

I want a more serious parliament, with more emphasis on critical change mechanisms and opportunities for the people of this country.

As I write today, I am not clear what the state of this nation reads like.

But I particularly want to share this piece sent to me by an unflinching Occupier, Mr. JB Aidoo who sent me this article as he also looked at claims by the President on the road infrastructure in the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Siding With Our President. Critical News, 7th February 2016

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 7, 2016

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I am back. They wanted to keep me in a hospital bed for a long time, pushed me to ease up on the workload and stay away from the President. All very bad advice. But I have enjoyed a bit of rest but feel particularly lost with all the stories under the bridge. And I have been busy with OccupyGhana in spite of all the good advice from close friends, who thought I was tired and stressed out too much with Ghana. I am back, with more venom in my fingers.

But how can you not be? This is week five of my water dearth. Ghana Water Company has lost its head after taking an increase of over 50% of the taxpayer’s money and they are punishing us on McCarthy Hill with no water through our pipes.

Yet the NDC Government claims the water sector is their most invested tenure and they have increased capacity with so much water available to us, we still do not understand that water is in abundance.

But it runneth not to my home and I am buying tanker water to stay clean and healthy. A Better Ghana, now a “cash in your pocket” Ghana. See 2017 around the corner ooo, and take note of how you will be blessed once you make another vote in the proper direction. Read the rest of this entry »

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