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The Improvement of HealthCare Delivery & Managing Its Cost Is Everyone’s Business.

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 28, 2013

By KwakuAdu-Gyamfi (Voice of Reason), Asuom, Kwaebibirem District.

Can our fragile NHIS withstand the pressure and demand of its services?

Ghanaians certainly have more choices of food than ever before. We now also have relatively more access to hospitals, clinics and medicines, and therefore should be a healthy society. But, Ghanaians’ health has been declining and our average life-span is reducing over the years.

To promote and improve on health care delivery and health wellness the people and government of Ghana need to think of healthcare system in a holistic approach, by  looking at the interrelated elements that affect the health of our people.

First, the food we consume has a major effect on our health. For example, the sugar, salt and fat content of our diets are perhaps  accelerating our speedy journey to the health facilitates and grave yard prematurely due largely in part to our blissful ignorance of what is actually killing us so sadly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cubans Court Controversy in Malaria Battle

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 1, 2012

Source: FT Online

Half a century after Cuba despatched military advisers to Africa to spread communism during the cold war, it is sending less ideological specialists to attack a very different foe.

Dozens of salesmen and technical experts from the Havana-based company Labiofam have made inroads across the continent with a product to fight malaria, capitalising on high-level diplomatic connections forged during the early years of African independence. But health specialists have voiced concerns about the cost and effectiveness of the technology the Cubans are selling. Read the rest of this entry »

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Experimental Malaria Vaccine Slashes Infection Risk By Half

Posted by Business in Ghana on November 19, 2011

Source : NPR Health Blog, SHOTS

After decades of disappointment, researchers think they’re finally on track to unleash the first practical vaccine against malaria, one of mankind’s ancient scourges.

In the world’s first large field trial of an experimental malaria vaccine, several thousand young children who got three doses had about 55 percent less risk of getting the disease over a year than those who got a control vaccine against rabies or meningitis.

Dr. Christian Louqc, who’s leading the final-phase clinical trial at 11 sites across Africa, tells Shots that among several thousand children who got “control” vaccines, there were 1,500 cases of malaria — more than one episode per child in the following year. But for every 1,000 children who got the experimental malaria vaccine, there were only 750 cases of malaria. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stem Cells May Have Cured AIDS Patient

Posted by Business in Ghana on December 15, 2010

A very unusual blood transplant appears to have cured an American man living in Berlin of infection with the AIDS virus, but doctors say the approach is not practical for wide use. The man, who is in his 40s, had a blood stem cell transplant in 2007 to treat leukemia. His donor not only was a good blood match but also had a gene mutation that confers natural resistance to HIV. Read the rest of this entry »

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