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Are we practicing Democracy or Thuggery?

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 16, 2009

Democracy in Ghana, over the years, has been touted as one of the best in the world. Most political pundits and analysts, as well as influential leaders, e.g., Barack Obama have all concluded that Ghana is a democratic icon on the continent. I have also held that view, but after a sober and careful reflection on developments in the country during elections, I am afraid, we are not yet there. If we define democracy as the orderly transfer of power from one regime to the other, I would agree that democracy is gaining grounds in the country. But we all know that democracy is not all about the transference of power from one party to the other. We would be living under serious illusions if we were to go by this definition. If we would be honest to ourselves, you would agree with me that we have a lot of work on our hands to execute if we want to deepen our democratic culture.

Kingsley Nyarko

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