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World Bank to mobilize new financing to improve mobility along select transport corridors vital for economic growth

Posted by Business in Ghana on November 6, 2014

 WASHINGTON, November 4, 2014 The World Banks Board of Executive Directors today approved US$25 million in new financing from the International Development Association (IDA)* to support the Government of Ghanas effort to improve the mobility of goods and passengers on selected roads through reduction in travel time, in vehicle operating costs and enhanced road safety awareness.

 Ghana has done very well to improve its transportation sector in the short and medium term and the government is now focusing its efforts on the quantity and quality of the road infrastructure, said Yusupha Crookes, the World Banks Country Director for Ghana. We are excited to support the Governments strategy for an efficient and sustainable transport system. The project will also indirectly help to ensure competitiveness, reduce vulnerability, and improve governance in the sector.

 The new financing will support the ongoing Ghana Transport Sector Project which has made significant achievements. It has helped reduce the fatality rate per 10,000 vehicles by 17.9; increased the rural population to 66% who are now within 2 kilometers of an all-season classified; and increased the number of road networks in good and fair condition to 57%. Read the rest of this entry »

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An RAF Sentinel bound for Nigeria to find more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls has been forced to land for repairs in Senegal

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 20, 2014

RAF Spy Plane Breaks Down On Way To Find Nigerian Schoolgirls

By Ben Farmer, Defence Correspondent

The Sentinel R1 was forced to divert to Senegal with a “technical issue” and will be grounded until repairs have been completed.

The unexpected delay is a repeat of last year’s embarrassment for the Ministry of Defence when a C-17 transporter sent to help French troops in Mali was also temporarily grounded by technical trouble.

David Cameron offered the Sentinel to the Nigerian government to use its advanced ground scanning radar to hunt for more than 200 school girls abducted from a school hostel last month.

The modified executive business jet left RAF Waddington on Sunday bound for its new base in Accra in Ghana, where it will be stationed while flying across northern Nigeria.

However the crew reported technical problems midway through the flight.

An RAF source said: “We had a choice of turning around and coming home, or landing en route.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Made In Nigeria Nissan Patrol Rolled Out In Lagos

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 28, 2014

VENTURES AFRICA – Six months after Nigeria introduced a new automotive policy – aimed at discouraging the importation of wholly assembled automobiles and encourage local manufacturing – early responder to the policy, Renault-Nissan has rolled out its first production line in the country.

The company said on Friday that it had become the first major vehicle manufacturer to build a car in Nigeria after the government announced the new policy – although Innoson Motor Company (IVM), in 2012, was the first to produce made in Nigeria cars at its Nnewi plant.

The first vehicle to be made by the Renault-Nissan in Nigeria, a black Nissan Patrol, rolled off the production line at its Lagos assembly plant, marking the start of a new era in the West African country’s automotive industry, a statement by Nissan’s country representatives, Stallion Motors indicated

The roll out of the Nissan Patrol followed an agreement signed by Renault-Nissan last year on local assembly with regional conglomerate, Stallion Group. According to Nissan, plans on production of two other models, the Almera and NP300 have reached an advanced stage, with early May a focus for the first release and August projected for mass production. Read the rest of this entry »

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Regional Tariff Reform: Necessary, But Not Sufficient

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 4, 2013

Dr. Daniel Bromley, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Humboldt University-Berlin

It is very encouraging to see that the ECOWAS Ministers of Finance have endorsed a regional tariff regime for West Africa. We must be grateful for small steps taken to create vibrant economies in the region. However, small steps often fail to get us where we need to go before something really bad happens to us.

My recent research for the USAID West Africa Trade Hub, embellished by the on-going projects on “highway robbery,” has convinced me that not much will change unless economic problems within individual countries, not among them, are corrected. It is often much easier to arrange regional agreements with others than it is to reform what needs fixing closer to home.

I must stress that the fundamental problem with regional trade in West Africa is the extraordinarily high cost of moving goods – whether or not those goods move across national boundaries. Bribes and enforced delays along trade routes within e.g. Ghana or Mali are as perverse as they are across borders.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Corruption not the Cause of High Costs of Trucking

Posted by Business in Ghana on October 18, 2010

By West Africa Trade Hub,

For policy makers in West Africa, the key conclusion of this report is that the cost to deliver a container from Tema to Ouagadougou is about five times the cost to deliver the same container from Newark to Chicago, a route of roughly equal distance. This is despite the fact that trucker salaries in the USA are roughly 25 times higher. And the trip takes as much as four times longer.

In 2005, “everybody” knew that the high cost of transport and logistics in West Africa was due to official corruption at roadway checkpoints. The authors of this report have researched that question and, according to their findings, it seems “everybody” was wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Business in Ghana on October 17, 2010

By Adewale T Akande,

Driving is a serious responsibility with physical and mental abilities impacting on the driving activities of a driver. It is more than moving a vehicle and knowing how to use the accelerator, brake pedals and steering. Driving is at best when you have knowledge and required skills to drive competently in accordance with those rules and regulations guiding the public roads. A safe and responsible driver have responsibility which makes him a good citizen. Driving is a learned skill acquired with much practice. It is also more important to drive with due regards for safety and convenience of other road users. Driving entails concentration, calmness, and with consideration and respect for others. And at the same time, a driver should ensure proper and total control of his vehicle at all times. That means a driver must not allow anything to take their attention from the road, therefore good anticipation and concentration will help to prevent these usual incidents becoming accidents on our roads. The safety of others depends on you when you are on the wheel. Read the rest of this entry »

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