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O Dumsor Where is Thy Sting? Critical News, 25th January 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 25, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Haven’t you eventually braved the ides of Dumsor? Everywhere I went this past week everybody complained about the erratic power cuts and how there is simply no regard for Citizen Ghana and whether we deserve such punishment after the small holiday largesse at the expense of the Volta lake.

Now regular kiosks around the city have invested in small generators to survive and carry on basic services. My local barber down McCarthy Hill proudly announced to me how he has arranged for a generator on hire for a few days in a week just to keep his customers from drifting. He did the calculations and figured he could do a bit more if he spent a few extra cedis.

He asks for three cedis for a haircut, beard and moustache trim. He operates from a kiosk, and me, big supporter of KIOSKENOMICS patronize his “barbary” at least every other week. He fears an increase in charge will turn customers away.

My advice, charge a few cedis more. Our conversation went somewhat like this. Translate into Twi to get the import.

Yaw: “If I ask for more they will not pay”

Syd: “How much do I pay when I come here?”

Yaw: “Five cedis” Read the rest of this entry »

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Show Me The Wakinns. Critical News, 25th May 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 25, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Have you ever had to charge your phone for twelve cedis?  Fuseini and his team at Madina got the benefit of my largesse when I force stopped at their workshop.  Desperate and needing to put some juice in my phone so I could ask for directions to where I was heading, “Lucky Boys Cleaning System” off road side also needed fuel for their generator so they could finish off some orders; “dumsor” since morning had pushed them to the brink of contractual failure.  It was 5.35pm.

Donning bright yellow decorated T-shirts and jeans, glorified underpants on display in defiant repugnance, we worked out a compromise.  I would buy a gallon of petrol and they would plug my phone in for as long as I needed.

I was pleased to help some brothers out, leverage a dig at ECG with this piece and middle-finger Government for its non-delivery of a Better Ghana.  I have never understood the slogan anyway.

So thanks guys, “abusua” forever.

I don’t know what more to say about Subah Infosystems, GRA and motorbike contracts and unraveling JOSPONG Group sagas.  Every where you turn, either Jospong or RLG is taking free tax-payer money and walking away or some government official is lying about how cash actually kind of oozed into their bank accounts.  What is going on with these two companies is simply boggling. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Palaver Of Unlike Minds. Critical News, 11th May 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 11, 2014

Critical News, 11th May 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Oh, I struggled with this one.  I stumbled into mediation for a couple last week end.  As a rule I never get between couples, but this was very dear to my soul and I have their permission to use their story, definitely not their names.

Paapa and Akosua have been bickering on big, small issues for so long, three children all grown up and left home, they have a whole new set of problems.  Work, girlfriend, attention, fellowshipping etc..  Akosua is an avid Church goer, Paapa is still not convinced that all the solutions are with the Lord on high.  Money wahala too dey inside big time.

Left alone, no children to occupy them, PaaAkosua have resorted to fisticuffs, so bad, we were in the hospital removing stitches from her lower jaw.  A very repentant him was embarrassingly in the doorway, cowering from medical eyes, melding into the recesses of the curtains.

After we gingerly make it down the stairs and back home, I am confronted with a possible suit for assault and battery.  Akosua wants one back for this pain and suffering.  Looking at her face in the mirror, she turns to me and says “Sydney hwe me nim”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Logorligi Pilgrimage to Jubilee Flagstaff. Critical News, 17th March 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 17, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

I found myself in Akosombo this weekend.  Not by design, I happened to be going elsewhere and ended up there.  So I decided to stay and find out whether what ECG is saying that VRA has no energy to supply is true.  Motorway drive is risky, you have to be very vigilant, the Trotros and rickety trucks stop all through the distance, you would think it was a rest stop to Tema.  At 11am when I got to the end of the motorway, there was a traffic jam.  For no reason.  All 4×4 Prados and Land Cruisers riding the side roads with as much impunity as Chris Brown smoking wee in the face of Ohene Djan.  By the time I hit the Afienya road, I had killed a full 45 minutes of my time.  Funny thing, I thought I could see the Flying School from the road, but there were so many kiosks lining the sides, I saw nothing.  Is it still there?  A relic of my youth, gone?  Anyway, the Afienya road was a pot-holed variety of asphalt corn roll where it merged with deep-pitted red dirt, as if someone had deliberately taken a giant barber’s razor to the ground and dug up portions.  Then right there in front of the police station, a taxi had broken down, creating a most awful jam.  Right there, in front of policemen, standing by nonchalantly, chatting away while we cursed each other idiotically jamming the road around the brick-jacked-up taxi with splayed front wheels.

This week, I wanted to say something nice about the police traffic unit, who I concluded were doing a splendid job controlling jams.  But after a constable took my ten cedis earlier in the week because he said I was talking on my cell phone, which I was not, I forked out a tenner, and he took.  Guilty with reason, police are still bumming petty cash where they can. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ghana @ 56; What Happened to the Promise and the Dream?

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 10, 2013

B.K. Obeng-Diawuoh, Bardstown, Kentucky USA

It is disheartening to note that Ghana, once the beacon of hope in Africa, a country so blessed with many natural resources cannot meet the most basic of its needs after more than half a century of political independence. Ghanaians today have no electricity and water. Over 40% of its citizens survive on less than a dollar a day, have no access to clean drinking water, uninterrupted electricity, basic health services, and formal education. What went wrong? Where did the promise and the dream go?

Yet any pragmatic discussion on the country’s economic situation degenerates into bickering partisanship, name calling, insults, heated tribalistic arguments that fail to identify the problems let alone address them. No wonder we are stagnating in our development efforts and even going backwards in some respects. I would like to draw readers attention to a very well written and well analysed article written by my dear friend B.K. Obeng- Diawuo, titled: Ghana: The Burden of Underdevelopment” Which you might not have read. So I am reproducing the original article here. Credit is due him. Please read on. Read the rest of this entry »

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Upsurge in water level in Akosombo Dam

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 12, 2008

Water level in the Akosombo dam has increased by 12.55 feet, which marks a remarkable upsurge as compared to the water level at the same time last year.  The currrent water level in the Akosombo dam, stands at 255.40 as compared to that of last year which stood at 242.85 feet.
The following is the level of water in the Akosombo Dam as issued by the Management of Volta River Authority on Monday, September 8, 2008.

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