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Extremely Confused Ghanaians. Critical News, 5th May 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 5, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

My early morning dare to the Ghana Water Company has become a ritual.  I turn on the tap, wait and listen to the rushing sound of air, sputtering, stuttering, pushing and fizzing as if water will follow through.  I watch the pathetic attempts, my expectant face screwed up in disgust, one part hoping that water will eventually stream through, the other knowing full well that it is simply a ritual I follow.  These days I am particularly upset because they sent me a bill for three hundred cedis for air supply in January and February.  I am preparing to go and do battle on logical grounds and I must win.  Alternatively, I am determined to stop using Ghana Water altogether and start digging a borehole.  My state of mind, Fed Up!

Similarly I am fed up with The Ga South Municipal Assembly, where McCarthy Hill finds its unfortunate self, kiosks creeping up on every available sidewalk.  I recently cleared the frontage of the house from grass and weeds, it looked so degenerative and I felt compelled to de-weed.  Two weeks after, someone starts putting up a kiosk on the cleared area.  I report this at the Municipal Assembly. Four weeks later I am still waiting for them to show up.  Very like the dug-up silt from the gutters, dumped on the pedestrian sidewalk, done a year and more ago and now a permanent direction icon.  You know how it goes.  When you get to the junction, look for where the sand from the gutter is placed, count to the fourth one and turn right.  The house is the blue gate with Matthew 23:25 and the Star of David.  I have reported and reported and reported, I have “reporting fatigue”, which is what they know will eventually happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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