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What Happened To Us? Critical News, 1st September 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 1, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

It is over.  With a finality that left us numb and confused, Thursday morning, prepped for the 10am start, like many other Ghanaians I had a good breakfast with family, our mindsets tuned to a historical upheaval of one sort or another and we weren’t disappointed.  We had a historical event, it ended so quickly even the Petition and Respondent lawyers did not understand the verdict.  Watching aghast, both sides tried to digest the decision, neither the NDC nor the NPP realizing it was over.  So not seeing the NPP roaring a win, the NDC figured they had won and started waving white handkerchiefs.  Were Ghanaians disappointed?  What happened to us?  Accra went mute, Kumasi shut down, Takoradi just closed shop and the NDC party itself could only celebrate at their Headquarters.  The streets went silent and traffic flowed in an uneasy stream, reflecting Ghanaians’ response to the judgment.

We sat on tenterhooks from December when the NPP filed its petition to annul the results of the 2012 elections, we waited patiently through as much of the legal shenanigans as we could possibly imbibe and we waited as the Supreme Court Judges disrespected us for three hours until they filed in at 1pm for Justice Atuguba to fumble through his opening statement, his attempted apology failing abysmally to convey the sense of turmoil, which we all knew there would be, but in the end, on behalf of his fellow Justices, in less than fifteen minutes, they confused all Ghana and diminished our stature on the world stage.  Our singular chance to assert to Africa that dictators and politicians are finally displaced, replaced by law and justice went out the window with fifteen-minute justice deadness. All the admonishing and berating free speech advocates, the tough talk from the Bench in the run up, petered into a whimpered decision.  No explanations, our logic will be available in seven days.  See the Registrar. Read the rest of this entry »

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No Room For An Asp. Critical News, 18th August 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on August 18, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Sitting down to write this morning, I did as I do, read comments to my articles, gauging sentiment, guiding my focus and maybe bias, because we all have them.  It always happens that you veer directionally with sentiment and maybe offend some readers.  So this week, I thought we could catch some of what others have to say.  I find it interesting.

I called out GYEEDA and THEO CODJOE had this to say on;

“The failure of our Parliament to pass the Right To Information Bill into law is the proof that our politicians do not intend to be held accountable despite the ancient and hallowed principle that in democracies the people have the inalienable right to know what the elected representatives do with the power entrusted to them; the power which includes, most importantly the power to use the resources of the state.  If you entrust a certain amount of money or any valuable item to a bank or any caretaker of any sort, it is implied that anytime you desire to know the status or worth of that valuable the caretaker must let you know; it is a duty enforceable by law. On the broad political terrain, that law is the Right To Information Law. All the civilised democracies after whose constitutions we have modeled ours, have a Freedom Of Information or Right To Information Law! That our politicians have denied us that law for the past thirty years is most galling! Mr. Cletus Avoka is on record stating seriously that it is not a priority for Parliament! This is an insult to the people of Ghana and a betrayal of the trust reposed in their representatives. The Right to Information about government action may is a necessary concomitant to the right to vote, and is a very important in for exacting accountability of political leaders.  It is, the means of checking the books of the political actors and making sure the books contain a faithful record of what they promised us they were going to do with the power we bestowed on them with the elections and how they have used the finances we make available to them through our taxes and other national resources.  When you elect politicians into office and they refuse to account to you as in our case [by refusing to provide the means of exacting the account, [which is what the Right To Information Law is,] then the people have been robbed of their power and the incidents of “GYEEDA not to be seen REPORT” will continue to blight our financial resources. The people of Ghana must realise that so long as our elected and appointed politicians refuse to account to us their use of the power and the resources we entrust to them none of the good things we desire and which they promise to achieve for us when we vote them into office will ever be achieved.  Attendant mismanagement of our financial resources.” Read the rest of this entry »

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I Want To Be Mayor. Critical News, 13th January 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 13, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Of Accra.  But before I start making the case, the Supreme Court opened the NPP petition challenging the election results and possible cheating by the NDC and the Electoral Commissioner.  The NDC has filed to be joined in the fight because they believe the future of President Mahama is tied to the fortunes of the Party and they want to argue that case before the court with no other lead person than Tsatsu Tsikata.  That choice is quite symbolic, meant to scare the NPP defense.  Tsatsu carries the reputation of a jurisprudence expert and previous encounters with the Supreme Court have been a bruising challenge.  And he is the top gun in their legal petition for this. Read the rest of this entry »

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