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In Charge of Free Filth. Critical News, 7th August 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 7, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Our President joined his close buddy. They must be really close because he can’t find enough reason to sack Dr. Oko Vanderpuye even after he has supervised enough filth in the city to cause a mini cholera epidemic.

The alarming story, some say it was simply for publicity, was very widely made known and put me on edge throughout the week.

Why would a supervisor of wanton filth and environmental carelessness, be made a hero by his supervisor, the person who appointed him to clean up Accra and ensure that we live in a city where we can go outside and make some noise about how we have lived up to the millennium challenges of the 21st century, be retained after all this while?

Read the story from this link, but make no mistake, our President went into the trenches to dig out the gutter as a demonstration of his competence to clean drains at ghc680/day. It works out at ghc85/hour based on a 25 working day month and 8 hours a day of continuous labor.

You can engage day labourers in Accra for between ghc30 to 40 cedis a day. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Peter Principle. Critical News. 3rd June, 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 3, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

There is a certain beauty in nature.  After the rain, sunrays break the sky and caress the earth in soft and gentle layers, raising hope for the next rain and the next sun massage.  You know the flowers will bloom again and nature will feed the earth with hope for another day and food for mankind.  There is also a consistency in nature’s way, a way that over the years has stabilized our future, until mankind interferes.

Which we did last Friday when the Ghana Sports Authority floodlights failed and Koku Anyidohu dismissed a non-existing (ECG had no such position as Koku mentioned) official from the ECG and threatened to annex others in the chain on the orders of President Mills.  The fact that the lights were all powered by the Baba Yara stadium genset, did not feature in his tirade.  Watching the Ghana/Lesotho match, I wondered why ECG would leave the lights on in the stands and switch off the floodlights.  Made no sense until the ECG official came to explain.  Koku of course did not hear this part.  Bent on showing some “Milling balls” he fired them in the name of the President. Read the rest of this entry »

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