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US Embassy Must Be Open And Transparent On GMO Debate In Ghana

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 9, 2013


by Food Sovereignty Ghana,  9th July, 2013.

Following our call for a ban on the importation, cultivation, consumption, and sale of genetically modified foods and crops in Ghana, until the people of Ghana are satisfied that such an important and irrevocable decision is a sound and proper one to make, Food Sovereignty Ghana has received an invitation from the US Embassy in Accra to a CLOSED DOOR “Roundtable Discussion and an Interdisciplinary Presentation on biotechnology at the US Embassy on July 10”. After a careful deliberation we have decided to turn down the invitation because it does nothing to advance our cause for a public debate on the issue. We believe that it is of primary importance for the general public to know and evaluate the arguments for and against the introduction of GMOs into our food chain. We have decided to issue this statement to call on the US Embassy to join us in our call for openness and transparency in this very important national conversation by engaging us PUBLICLY. We hereby announce our readiness to critically examine every single claim in favour of GM technology. Read the rest of this entry »

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