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REGINA V Christopher Smith, Nicholas Smith, Timothy Forrester, Smith & Ouzman Limited. Critical News, 4th January 2015

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 5, 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Happy New Year to all of us. By some quirky calculation we have learnt by imposition that our lives carry from one 365-day block to the next and we age as that time crosses. Logic argues that time is a continuum and not block spaces, because if it were so, many of us would find a way to jump off a segment and wait for the next chunk. But it is too early after the X’Mas break for us to get heavy with science.

I started the holiday with plans of rest and constructive laziness to not complete any assignments. With unstable power supply and the continuous search for water, my excuse would relax and deploy all financial resources to quiet time and needless reflection.

Then the ECG had to hear JDM’s plea and give us plenty light. It was fortuitous that manufacturing closed down for the period and I am sure they diverted the unused power to us domestics to waste as needed. So I had to work, make best use of the constant supply and usher in another year.

The Volta Lake is low and getting lower by the day. We use approximately 0.05feet a day and with no rains in sight till June July, we will be as close if not lower than the minimum level if it continues. So be guided by the Scout motto.

Power is going to be a big issue again in 2015 and beyond. Whatever you hear from Government, be better advised by what you observe. The rationing will intensify after the Xmas gift. Read the rest of this entry »

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Football Is Not Our National Sport: Try “Financial Leakages” And Revenue Diversion

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 28, 2013

Prof. T. P. Ulzen,

A middle aged man is driving to Cape Coast from Accra. Around Awutu, he overtakes the car ahead and round the bend, he is flagged down by the police. He is told that he has exceeded the speed limit. He does not dispute this and is told he will “be processed” for court in Winneba at 10:00am the next morning, to which he agrees.
The policeman is seemingly perplexed. The driver reiterates that he will present himself at court the next morning and asks for the officer’s name. This upsets the officer but the driver says “it’s on your shirt anyway.” but the officer gets increasingly upset, asking “why do you need my name?” The driver says “you are a public official doing your job. I just need your name and number for reference for the court hearing. You have taken my licence so I must be sure of who you are. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Release On The Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer Report

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 9, 2013



This morning, Transparency International will release its Global Corruption Barometer, 2013 simultaneously in all the countries covered by the survey and where it has country/local chapters. The GCB 2013 reveals that “More than one person in two thinks corruption has worsened in the last two years although survey participants also firmly believe that they can make a difference in the fight against corruption and have the will to take action against graft.

The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 is a survey of the public’s perceptions and experiences of corruption in 107 countries covering 114,000 people in all. In Ghana, a total number of 2000 people were surveyed, comprising respondents from two MMDAs in each of the ten administrative regions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oh Dear, Oh Dear JDM. Critical News, 18th November 2012

Posted by Business in Ghana on November 18, 2012

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This has not been a comfortable week.  We lost a humble man in Aliu Mahama and we buried him as a Statesman.  Aliu, damirifa due.  May your soul rest in peace.

I am niave, and I have to accept that a good education and decades of foreign exposure can be a handicap in ways.  I hit this point last week, when I read that some persons in the NPP stronghold of Kwabre East constituency in the Ashanti Region were selling their ID cards to buyers of the NDC opposition for fifty cedis a pop.  For some time now, I have asked friends, family and any strangers I can catch in a conversation, why we are all worried about the voters register because there is a verification system that will check any fraudulent id cards.  I kept analyzing that even if you load the polling register with fictitious names, you must on voting day provide fictitious fingers with id cards to match.  Because fingerprinting is unique, you cannot beat the system, which is true.  Even if you bring children whose id cards say they are 18, on voting day, they are alone and can be quizzed by polling agents, so there is a built-in check at the point of stamping your vote.  But I have now learnt that you can increase your vote by buying down the opposition’s vote.  And I do similarly all the time in financial analysis.  I advise clients that you increase your profit by either increasing your price or reducing your costs.  Which is why Kwabre East has opened my naïve mind.  I did not make the cross over into local politics.  If you can keep the voter away from the booth, of course, they get fewer votes.  For those of you who see this as simple, believe me, I did not think about it that way.  One up for local content. Read the rest of this entry »

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