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After The KPMG Okay. Critical News, 19th May 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 19, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

It is 4am.  The lights just went out at McCarthy Hill and I am stumped.  I deliberately caught an early night, try to catch up on sleep and start an early day, Sunday.  We had a little storm, a mild rainfall and “dum”; shades of the bad old days when you knew for certain that rain come, light go.  I just returned from a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and I forgot within a week that power is not stable, water does not flow and the Glo internet service is unpredictable.  My Glo service is out this morning, I have been trying to get a solution since 8am, and I have a lot of work to do.  It is 11am and vive la difference.  You cannot compare Accra to Dubai, there is no anchor dot to even start the debate.  Accra scores no points over the city built in a desert and flourishing to no end.

I doubt if there is any Minister or MP in this country who has neither lived, studied nor visited Dubai yet.  What do they see when they get there?  Doesn’t any of it rub off on them?  Make them think they would like to live in a city where the roads are seven lanes wide, buses pick up on time from air-conditioned stations, the metro rail service is unmanned and runs on time?  What about taxis that are all Toyota Camrys and you can hire a Lexus taxi at a cost no different from the regular metered taxis in the city?  What about 24-hour shopping malls, where everything under the sun is available?  And that is just a sample of the stuff I appreciated on my first trip.  What do they bring back from these visits?  This was my first time to Dubai, it is more classy than the USA, UK and South Africa where I have spent a fair bit of time.  The architecture, boy!  So here I stop, because it is so easy to get carried away.  The concern is what do we bring back from travel and escapades like this?  This morning, I am asking, “What are we doing?” Read the rest of this entry »

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