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Flight of The Asongtaba Akonfem. Critical News, 31st March 2013

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 31, 2013

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

Sitting on the curb of our Family House in James Town, I am chilling with my cousins and uncles, formally ushering a new head of our family and enjoying the late hits from Wulomei and other King Bruce greats.  My cousin Kpakpo, a walking lexicon of the Ga language is at his best, keeping us all engaged in the kind of banter you exchange after you have boxed your drinks, no matter which, with a tot and two of Mandingo bitters.  I am a Guinness-Mandigo Akonfem weight and it is a thoroughly pleasant evening.  There is a gentle and comforting breeze blowing from south side, but for the occasional taxi and Trotro fumes we have no issues.  We are used to the agitation from the foot soldier types, and we are very comfortable with the stench from the Korle.  It has been like that since I can remember, and hey, we know our Government has no interest in fixing it, so we manage and shut it out.

The exodus of the Kwahu-Easter-loving migrants has calmed the streets and we muse on the way Accra used to be in the old days.  I played football in the alleyway of the house and on the streets, always drifting closer to the Palladium cinema house to sneak by the gate to watch “Seven Slaves Against Rome”, much to my mother’s mortification.  The Cinema House is now a church.  Signs of the times. Read the rest of this entry »

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