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Dumso Dumso Go Away, Big Johnny Wants To Play. Critical News, 2nd March 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 2, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

All last night I tossed and turned, many problems on my mind, top of the list my failing water supply, to buy another tanker load this week and the now permanent Tuesday light out between 6.30 and 11pm added to the unpredictable shut-offs every so often.  I have work pressure as well, many deadlines crowding my computer top and I stayed up most of the night wondering how to come up with schemes to motivate staff without paying more cash.

So I tackled the Sunday morning walk up McCarthy Hill with gusto, intent on burning off stress, depressing memories of the State of the Nation address still fore in my mind.

But thank God for the people who “ga mashie’d” up the hill on Sunday.  I just made the turning up the Jayee University pike, where the religious types were already delivering some poor soul from evil at 6.10am.  Shaking my head, caught up in the tenacity of neo-Christian dedication, I just but avoided a collision with foot-stamping Bukom Banku joggers rhythmically “azonto-ing” their way on up.  I fell in line and matched them foot-to-foot as we merrily put music to the stamina build up.

It was a good stomping and stepping to a miniaturized MP3 player hooked to the belt of leader Nii, well titivated in a yellow and black striped t-shirt, matching baggy pants and shoes as only an Accra man can. Read the rest of this entry »

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Terminate The Aglow Contract. Critical News, 19th January 2014

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 19, 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford,

This country cannot look after its children.  We can neither feed them, nor clothe, educate or entertain them.  This past week, several schools in the Northern Regions could not reopen because Government was in arrears with their feeding fees and other services and the Conference of Heads of Senior Schools just had no option than to support the closures.

Luckily, we found ghc50,4 million to pay the arrears before the week was out, but we forget that term started and we must find money for the new term and the rest of the year.

What is going on with the cash flow?  The President only last week praised himself for surviving and told us 2014 would be far better, we should be patient and hopeful.  Then feeding fees is in short supply?

I have made many a case now that Government should really think outside the box and creatively palm off the burden of education and health payroll plus related allowances, to the private sector and regulate schools, stay away from managing a ghc6.1billion wage bill in these two sectors.  Why not step away from this cost and rather, tax profitable schools, collect withholding taxes and VAT from allied services?  Someone will have to do it somewhere along the line, because this way it doesn’t make sense and is costing us too much.  If we have bitten the bullet and allowed auto tariff adjustments for utilities and retail pump prices, think more private sector inclusion and get smart with money. Read the rest of this entry »

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